Are you transferring from a 2-year to a 4-year institution?

Many students answer yes to this question, as most transfer students begin at a community college and transfer to a 4-year institution to complete a Bachelor's degree. Many students complete an Associates degree before transferring, but not all do. You are best served by using the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) if you are not sure what college or university they intend to transfer to. If you have made a decision on which four-year school you will attend, the MyCreditsTransfer, in addition to IAI, will better serve you.

Are you transferring from a 4-year to a 2-year institution?

This type of transfer can happen for a variety of reasons: academic, financial, personal, etc. Students will usually go back to a community college to improve their standing, whether it be academic, financial, personal, etc., with the intention of eventually transferring back to a four-year school. This can be the original four-year school they attended, or in many cases, a different one. MyCreditsTransfer and IAI can assist the reverse transfer student in the same way they assist the traditional transfer student.

Are you transferring from one 4-year or 2-year institution to another?

Many students decide that they want to transfer institutions for personal reasons. If you're transferring to institutions within the state of Illinois, IAI can assist you in making sure you have a general education package that will transfer with you. MyCreditsTransfer can also assist you in academic program exploration as well as transferability of courses within your major.

Are you currently enrolled at a 4-year institution and plan to take a course(s) closer to home?

Countless students take courses while they are at home over summer break. Many even take courses at a community college near their 4-year institution during the regular session. MyCreditsTransfer best serves students in this situation. MyCreditsTransfer allows students to look up course transferability for individual courses. You are able toexactly how a course at a community college will transfer back to your 4-year insitution.

As always, you should consult academic advisors often while you are in the process of transferring any courses.

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