EGR931:Electrical Circuits

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IAI Major Course Description - EGR931 : Electrical Circuits

(3 semester credits)

Description: Topics include concepts of electricity and magnetism; circuit variables (units, voltage, inductance, power and energy); circuit elements (R, L, C and operational amplifiers); simple resistive circuits; circuit analysis (node-voltage, mesh-current, equivalents and superposition); transient analysis; and sinusoidal steady state (analysis and power). Students who do not complete the required laboratory may need to do so after transfer if their engineering school requires one. Prerequisites: Calculus-based Physics II and Calculus III.
• Definitions and units
• Basic laws (Kirchhoff, Ohm)
• Operational amplifiers
• Mesh and nodal analysis
• Linearity and superposition
• Source transformation, Thevenin's and Norton's Theorems
• Inductance and capacitance
• Transient response for RL and RC circuits
• Sinusoidal steady - state analysis
• Power, maximum power transfer
• Understand basic circuit elements (e.g. independent and dependent sources, resistors, inductors and capacitors).
• Apply KVL, KCL, Ohms Law, and conservation of power to solve for currents, voltages, and power in linear DC circuits.
• Apply formal circuit analysis techniques (e.g. nodal analysis, mesh analysis, source transformation, superposition).
• Determine the Thevenin or Norton equivalent of a linear two-terminal network.
• Determine the initial value, final value, time constant and transient response of a RL and RC circuit.
• Use phasor analysis to solve for currents, voltage, and complex power in steady-state AC circuits.
• Understand the behavior of an ideal operational amplifier, know basic configurations, and derive the gain.

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