Course Submission Forms and End/Change Forms

To submit a course:

Consult the specific requirements and guidelines for each panel prior to submitting a course. This can be found at the Panel Related Documents page. Ensure that all information requested by the panel is part of your submission

Utilize our iManage System to submit your courses for panel review. The submissions section is restricted to designated “Institutional Submitters” only. If you are not the submitter, check our School Review section to find out who this individual is at your institution. If you don't see anyone listed for this position, you will want to talk with one of the other IAI contacts listed. Courses cannot be submitted or posted to panels for the Ongoing review process without someone filling this role at your institution.

Provide documents in pdf format whenever possible. If you are using Word 2007, you can get the Save As PDF plugin at: Microsoft download.

Course submissions are accepted on a continuing basis, however, keep in mind that there are deadlines during panel review process:

Due Dates

October 1 at 4:30pm for the fall review.
March 1 at 4:30pm for the spring review.

To download a form:

Click the appropriate link below. All documents are currently Word-based for ease of editing.

Course Submission Form

The submission form is now part of the iManage submission process. You do not need to complete a hard copy form.

If you would like to submit a course, you should use our automated submission within the iManage system:


You can attach a copy of the submission form as part of the documents submitted when filling out the online submission through iManage. It is available for Download here. Please save the downloadable form to your computer and complete it using Word, should you decide to include it in your submission.

Once all necessary materials have been completed and saved to your computer, submit the entire course packet including: a hardcopy of the Course Submission Form, the detailed syllabus or master course syllabus/outline, and all related materials required by the panel. Some panels have panel specific questions and check list items such as Lab forms or other documents. See Panel Related Documents for panel specific forms and information.

Note: You will be directed to the iManage system for course submission if you submit your course by email.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Need to track your course in WebReview?

Try our WebReview Course Search! This feature is also available in the iManage system!

 Online End/Change Web Form

If you would like to End or Change a course, you may use our End/Change page:

End/Change Web Form

You can also find a copy of the forms available for download here.

Use this form for ending or changing only the GECC and Major course already approved for IAI.

To end a course, please fill out the online form at: End/Change Course Request

Please save the form to your computer and complete it using Word.
This form is to be used when a course is no longer being offered by the institution or has a minor course numbering or titling change with no significant content change. When a course is being ended and replaced with a new course that has significant differences (such as lower credit hours, different content or subject differences), the End/(Change) Form may be used only to END the course. However, the new course must be submitted through the iManage system for ADDING it to IAI and review by the appropriate IAI panel using the iManage system. See the above "Course Submission" information as well as the Panel Related Documents page.

Important Note: All documentation should be provided in pdf format, whenever possible.

Do you have questions about your course submission, downloadable forms, or the End/Change form?

Email your IAI team at: or call 309-438-8640.
We will answer your question in a prompt and timely manner.

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