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This page provides a complete list of valuable transfer information for professionals. You'll find a calendar of Illinois Articulation Initiative meetings, information on the sponsors of the Initiative, questions and answers, a policy and procedures handbook, available course and college searches, information on making database changes, web site development, a history of the project, a list of participating institutions, and links to other educational sites.

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Form 13 ( fillable pdf and word) - (08/2016), Information on the new process using u.select/Transferology 2011 (pdf and word), NEW  Form 13 contact list pdf.

AA and AS Degree comparison (pdf)


MyCreditsTransfer is a statewide initiative designed to facilitate transfer within Illinois using the nationally available tool, Transferology. Within Transferology find the courses that transfer between institutions, degree requirements courses satisfy, and different majors that institutions offer.

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iTransfer is not an on-line university. The iTransfer website is a clearinghouse of information regarding the transferability of courses among 111 participating Illinois schools. However, this website is of limited or no use to certain types of transfer students, including reverse transfer students and students from outside illinois.

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