5 Bad Reasons to Transfer

If you’re thinking about transferring, make sure it’s for a good reason. Switching schools is often frustrating - you’ll have a whole new campus culture to learn, and you may find that not all of your credits will be recognized at the new school. Many students who transfer end up regretting their decision. Here are a few potentially poor reasons for leaving your current college . . .


Okay, love isn’t bad, but it can be a bad reason for changing schools. Ask yourself if you’d be happy at the new school if your relationship were to end? Also, don’t forget that college takes up only about 30 weeks of the year. With the help of summers, breaks, and a few weekend visits, a strong relationship can survive the distance.

Your School Is Too Hard

Most new college students struggle with their classes, and you’ll probably find that any school you go to will have challenging reading and writing assignments. The expectations in college are much higher than in high school, and calculus is calculus wherever you go. If you want to succeed in college, you can’t run away from the challenge. Instead, seek out campus services to help you beef up your academic skills.

You're Homesick

This is a tough one. The pain of separation and feelings of isolation can be overwhelming. Realize, however, that an essential part of college is learning how to live on your own. Nearly all first-year students deal with homesickness in one form or another. If you find that you’re paralyzed by it, visit your college’s counseling center before you start filling out a transfer application.

You Hate Your Roommate

Nothing can make college more miserable than the roommate from hell. But realize that every residential college in the country has students who make lousy roommates. If you’ve tried with no success to work out the problems with your roommate, talk to your RA about a change. If a switch isn’t possible, realize that you can choose a different roommate next year.

You Don't Like Your Professors

If you can actually find a school with no bad teachers, let me know and I’ll create a feature article on About.com. Every college has a few people who never should have been allowed in the classroom. Luckily, you can avoid these train wrecks by choosing classes wisely. Talk with upper-class students and consult faculty evaluation guides before choosing your classes in the future. On the other hand, if all the faculty in your major are weak, that’s a situation that might merit a transfer. Make sure your dissatisfaction is really because your teachers are bad, not because you are failing to put in the effort necessary to make classes rewarding.

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