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Bachelor's programs in physics are based on an in-depth foundation of sequential coursework in science and math, while upper-division coursework provides the preparation necessary for graduate studies and/or work in industry. Multiple tracks are often available. For example, some institutions offer a specialty in applied physics or certification for high school teaching. To transfer as a junior into a bachelor's physics program students must complete a minimum of 60 semester credits. Students should be aware that because of differences among schools in the number of credits for which various courses are offered and the possible need for prerequisite courses, it may be difficult to complete an Associate in Science degree without taking more credits than will be accepted in a transfer. Students planning on a physics major should select courses in consultation with an advisor.

Be sure to consult the institution you plan on transferring to for course articulations.

Major Directive

Updated: September 28, 2010

The major panel courses recommended will be accepted as credit toward the major at the receiving institutions listed. Credit will either be accepted as a course equivalent or be counted as elective credit toward fulfilling the requirements of the major.

  • Once a transfer institution is chosen, students should consult the appropriate transfer guide as soon as possible for guidance on the most successful transfer path .Click here to view other Articulation Agreements..
  • Note that if the receiving institution does not offer the course or does not offer it at the lower-division level, the student will receive elective lower-division major credit for the course but may be required to take the course at the upper division level.
  • Receiving institutions may still require additional lower division courses to satisfy the major requirements, but students transferring should be able to complete the remaining courses in the same time that a native student can be reasonably expected to do so.
  • Approval of this list of recommended courses does not guarantee that the student will be admitted to the receiving institution or to that major.

The following institutions have agreed to the major courses listed below:

PART I: Physics IAI Major Recommendations
PART II: Physics IAI GECC Recommendations

PART I:  Physics IAI Major Recommendations
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Physics Core Courses 10-14 semester credits
PHY 911 - Calculus-based Physics I - Mechanics (with lab) I (4-5 semester credits)
PHY 912 - Calculus-based Physics II - Electricity and Magnetism (with lab) (4-5 semester credits)
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PHY 913 - Introductory Thermal Physics and Other Topics (2-4 semester credits)
PHY 914 - Introductory Quantum Physics and Other Topics (2-4 semester credits)

PART II:  Physics IAI GECC Recommendations Minimum 37 semester credits

Invisible dotThese are the specific courses in the Illinois Transferable General Education Core Curriculum (IAI GECC) that should be taken for this emphasis.

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Communication: 3 courses (9 semester credits)
Select a two-course sequence in writing (6 semester credits) with a grade of  "C" or better and,
Select 1 course in oral communication (3 semester credits).
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Mathematics: 1 course (3 semester credits)
Select Calculus I:MTH 901
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Phy. & Life Science Icon
Physical and Life Sciences: 2 courses (8-10 semester credits)
Select 1 course from Physical Sciences - CHM 911 - General Chemistry I with Lab
Select 1 course from Life Sciences.
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Hum. & Fine Art Icon
Humanities and Fine Arts 3 courses (9 semester credits)
Select 1 course from Humanities,
Select 1 course from Fine Arts and
Select 1 from either Humanities or Fine Arts.
- Courses can be taken from the same identifier as long as the course outcomes are different.
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Soc. & Beh. Science
Social and Behavioral Sciences: 3 courses (9 semester credits)
Select 3 courses from at least 2 different disciplines (e.g., no more than 2 courses from, for example, psychology). - Courses can be taken from the same identifier as long as the course outcomes are different.
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Find a GECC course
Click here to find what courses to take to fulfill the Illinois Transferable General Education Core Curriculum (IAI Gen. Ed.) at any participating college or university in the State. Please use the above information when choosing your courses. You may want to write down the information or print a hard copy of this page.

Grape HandIllinois Baccalaureate Majors' Recommendations (IAI Majors)
Click here to see the list of all IAI majors.

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