MUS904:Music Theory, Keyboard, and Aural Skills IV

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IAI Major Course Description - MUS904 : Music Theory, Keyboard, and Aural Skills IV

(4-5 semester credits)

Retired 12/31/2008: The fourth in a four-semester sequence of courses in which music majors need to enroll each term of the freshman and sophomore year. The courses may be offered separately or with one or more topics combined. Music theory includes introductory through advanced materials in diatonic and chromatic harmony, introduction to form and analysis, and 20th century compositional methods. Keyboard skills include sequential development of functional knowledge of the keyboard and playing skills sufficient to handle practical situations, including harmonization, transposition, sight-reading, improvisation, accompanying, ensemble playing, and keyboard literature appropriate to the level of the course. Aural skills include sequential development of ear training, sight singing, and dictation, and may also include computer-assisted instruction and/or other applications.

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