Engineering programs are highly structured to meet the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (A.B.E.T.) standards required for registration as a professional engineer. Before transferring, you are strongly encouraged to complete an Associate in Engineering Science (A.E.S.) degree. To transfer as a junior, you must have 60 to 68 semester credits, including all of the prerequisite courses listed. You are unlikely to earn the bachelor's degree within 2 more years after transfer if you enter with less than 68 semester credits.

You should decide on an Engineering specialty and your preferred transfer school by the beginning of your sophomore year since course requirements vary by specialty and by school. Be sure to select your courses in consultation with an Engineering advisor. A grade of C or better may be required for physics, chemistry, mathematics, and engineering science courses to transfer. A similar policy may exist for general education courses. The student is advised to check directly with his/her preferred transfer school.


Engineering IAI GECC Recommendations

9-18 semester credits

Engineering Prerequisite Course Recommendations

28-36 semester credits

Engineering Specialty Courses

Civil Engineering Recommendations

7-14 semester credits

Computer Engineering Recommendations

9-12 semester credits

Electrical Engineering Recommendations

9-12 semester credits

Industrial Engineering Recommendations

8-10 semester credits

Mechanical Engineering Recommendations
(Also Aeronautical, Manufacturing and Engineering Mechanics)

7-16 semester credits

Chemical Engineering Recommendations
(Only offered at IIT, UIC and UIUC)

11-14 semester credits

Other Engineering Specialities
Agricultural Engineering: UIUC only
Bioengineering: UIC and UIUC
Material Sciences and Engineering: IIT and UIUC
Mining Engineering: SIUC only
Nuclear Engineering: UIUC only

Be sure to consult the institution you plan on transferring to for course articulations.

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