ART907:Two-dimensional Design

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IAI Major Course Description - ART907 : Two-dimensional Design

(3 semester credits)

I. Course Description:

This course is a studio class exploring the fundamentals of the formal systems and basic

elements of visual organization through two

-dimensional design principles and theories

using a variety of tactile and digital media.

II. Credit Hours: Three (3) A studio class meeting six (6) clock hours per week

III. Media:

Emphasis on a variety of two

-dimensional black and white and color drawing, painting,

collage, and digital media which may include:

Pencil Markers Ink Acrylics

Tempera Various papers image software

IV. Concepts and skills should include, but not be limited to:

Figure/ground Value/Hue/Intensity Space/shallow/deep

Surface effects Shape Composition

Pattern/repetition/motif Color Principles Color mixing

Contrast Implied lines Balance

Unity/harmony Expressive lines Implied Movement

Dominance/subordination Expression/interpretation/meaning

Computer generated practice in 2

-D imaging applications such as Photoshop or Painter

is encouraged in this class.

V. Critical Analysis:

Class and individual critiques providing for understanding the criteria and standards

used in assessing performance.

VI. Historical Reference:

Connect contemporary and historical models to this particular studio/aesthetic practice

VII. Health and Safety:

Students should be made aware of the safety issues involved in working with art materials

and techniques for this course work, including proper use, storage, and disposal.

VIII. Suggested references/texts, current editions of the following:

Launching the Imagination,



Art Fundamentals


-Ocvirk, Stinson, Whigg, Bone, Clayton

Elements of Art


-Pumphrey Design Dimensions-Dantzic

Visual Forces


-Martinez, Block Principles of Design-Wong

Basic Design


-Lauer, Pentak

Revised by IHEAA, 4


-20-2012 Revision Endorsed by the IAI Art Major Panel,



Adopted by IHEAA, 4


-16-1999 Endorsed by IAI Art Major Panel, 10-29-99

The Illinois Higher Education Art Association (IHEAA) and the IAI Art Major Panel both recognizes that each discipline within an

art program has specific objectives that are routinely formulated by faculty within the discipline. These objectives are further

defined and implemented by each faculty member during the course of teaching a class. It is not the intention of these skills

and content outlines to impose specific course objectives or approach or to prescribe projects


- the domain of each individual

instructor. These skills and content outlines, however, are intended to suggest a set of minimum expectations or standards

from which specific individual objectives and approaches can be developed. Instructors may provide additional experiences,

content and skills, but they should cover what is outlined to assure continuity among courses with similar titles.

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