General Education Quarter wise Curriculum Requirements

Overview of the Illinois Articulation Initiative's General Education Curriculum Requirements

This page provides a general overview of the requirements needed to fulfill the IAI GECC. Successful completion of these core courses at any participating college or university in the state of Illinois will facilitate transfer to any other participating associate or bachelor degree program

In order to complete IAI GECC, you are required to take at least 12 to 14 courses (56 to 61 quarter credits; three quarter credits equal two semester credits). No more than two courses from any one discipline can be used to fulfill General Education Core Curriculum requirements. Remember to always seek advice from an academic advisor or admissions counselor early and often when making transfer plans.

The IAI GECC Semester Credit Hours Conversion is also available.

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Three to Four courses (12 - 14 quarter credits)

Select a two to three course sequence in writing (8 - 9 quarter credits, C grade required) and,
Select one course in oral communication (4 - 5 quarter credits).
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One course (5 quarter credits)

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Physical and Life Sciences:

Two or Three courses (10 to 12 quarter credits)

Select one course from Physical Sciences.
Select one course from Life Sciences.
OR Select two interdisciplinary science courses. (If choosing interdisciplinary courses, students should take both an LP 900 or LP 900L course and an LP901 or LP901L course.)
Select at least one laboratory course. (IAI laboratory course numbers end with L. {e.g., P1 905L})
(Students with the appropriate preparation may substitute an initial course designed for science majors for a more general course.)
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Humanities and Fine Arts:

Three courses (12 to 15 quarter credits)

Select one course from Humanities,
Select one course from Fine Arts and
Select one course from either Humanities or Fine Arts. - Courses can be taken from the same identifier as long as the course outcomes are different.
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Social and Behavioral Sciences:

Three courses (12 to 15 quarter credits)

Select three courses from at least two different disciplines (e.g., no more than 2 courses from, for example, psychology). - Courses can be taken from the same identifier as long as the course outcomes are different.

Orange Note Any part of an hour may be waived for a course or area as
long as the minimum total number of quarter credit hours are met.

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