Illinois Articulation Initiative Policy and Procedures

IAI Steering Panel Appeals Process

Course and Curriculum Decisions

Colleges and universities that have submitted courses or curricula for articulation approval to either a general education or a baccalaureate major's panel have the right to appeal any decision rendered by those panels on the submitted material's eligibility for articulation. An appealing institution should first exhaust all means of discussion with the panel in question, including revising the courses or curricula as suggested by the panel, before turning to the Steering Panel for further appeal. The various panels will determine their own format for handling course and curricula appeals, governed by the common principles that all decisions be provided in a timely fashion and that reasons for any panel decision be explained in writing to the appealing institution. If a panel finds itself addressing the same issue repeatedly, it should devise and publish a position paper or explanatory statement outlining the panel's rationale on the issue. This statement should be distributed as widely as possible.

Any appeal to the Steering Panel must begin with a letter of appeal from the chief academic officer or his/her designee at the college or university to the IBHE Staff Liaison with the IAI Steering Panel. The appeal will be reviewed by the Steering Panel if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  1. An institution feels and can provide some evidence that a panel decision was arbitrary or capricious.
  2. Substantive new information and arguments regarding the general education course or major have been developed that challenge the rationale of the panel. These ideas will be reviewed and discussed by the Steering Panel and, if appropriate, the panel in question with be contacted by the Steering Panel with a charge to deliberate further on its original position. This action will not be undertaken by the Steering Panel without significant evidence and justification furnished by the appealing institution.
  3. The appealing institution can present evidence of inequitable treatment by the panel regarding a specific course. For example, the appealing institution may cite other participating Illinois colleges or universities receiving approval for a course comparable to the one that has been Returned. Copies of syllabi of the comparable course should be provided.

All appeals letter will be presented by the IBHE Staff Liaison to the Steering Panel Co-Chairs and ICCB Staff Liaison who will together decide whether the letter meets the criteria above, how and when it should be presented to the Steering Panel, and whether it is necessary for the appealing institution to be represented at a meeting of the Panel.

Policies or Other Actions

If an institution wishes to appeal a policy or action of the Steering Panel other than a curriculum decision, the appealing institution should present its letter of appeal from the chief academic officer (or designee) to the IBHE Staff Liaison who will discuss the appeal with the Steering Panel Co-Chairs and ICCB Staff Liaison. They will decide whether the appeal should be presented to the entire Panel at the earliest possible opportunity for consideration and whether it is necessary for the appealing institution to be represented at any meeting of the Panel.

Steering Panel Decision

The Steering Panel will review arguments and evidence presented by the appealing institution before rendering its decision. In both curricular matters as well as policy and procedure appeals, the decision of the IAI Steering Panel on all appeals is final.

Appeal letters along with supporting evidence should be sent to the IBHE Staff Liaison to the IAI Steering Panel c/o IBHE in Springfield at least one month prior to an IAI Steering Panel meeting. The Panel generally meets twice a year, in the fall and the spring. Any appeals to the Panel will generally be considered at one of the Panel's regular meetings. Unique circumstances may require immediate action by the Panel. A request for such action, along with a statement of the circumstances warranting it, should also be directed to the IBHE Staff Liaison who will discuss the matter with the Panel Co-Chairs and ICCB Staff Liaison in order to determine how to proceed.

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