Illinois Articulation Initiative Policy and Procedures

Request to Add a Course

A request to add a course to the database should be submitted to the specific general education or baccalaureate major panel which will then review whether it matches the description to which it is being assigned and either accept or reject it, providing a reason for the rejection.

A form to ADD a new course is available for download. Panels request that one Add Form accompany each course submission. If you are unable to download the Add Forms, the following is minimum information necessary to add a course or for reconsideration of a course:

A syllabus, course outline, or other document that contains the following:

  • Course prefix/number and title, number of credit hours and contact hours, and studio or laboratory hours, if applicable
  • Catalog description including any prerequisites
  • Course goals and expected student learning outcomes
  • Topical outline
  • Method(s) of evaluating student performance, including the number, length and type of writing assignments, if applicable.
  • Text(s) used and required reading lists, if applicable
  • Date the syllabus and any supportive materials were prepared
  • Delivery system, if nontraditional

Information about selected panel decision criteria and model syllabus examples are available in the Panel Information under the heading Panel Related IAI Documents.

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