Illinois Articulation Initiative Policy and Procedures

Public University-Community College Academic Leadership Conflict Resolution Statement

At its meeting on February 27, 1997, the Academic Leadership Group of community college and public university chief academic officers confirmed its continued support for and confidence in the Illinois Articulation Initiative and in the ongoing efforts of the Transfer Coordinators of Illinois Colleges and Universities in facilitating the transfer of students among Illinois colleges and universities. It was the consensus of the group that the Illinois Articulation Initiative and the Transfer Coordinators addressed a majority of problems associated with transfer and articulation. Recognizing that conflicts will periodically arise among the various institutions and groups interested in articulation and transfer issues, the Academic Leadership Group recommends the following processes for minimizing problems and resolving differences:

  1. When a conflict arises between two institutions, the chief academic officers should take action to resolve the issue. Further, each participating institution should develop a multi-level process for identifying and addressing articulation problems. Such a process should include the chief academic officer but may also include appropriate faculty committees so that articulation decisions are part of the campus' academic decision-making processes. General problems of transfer or articulation, especially those not attributable to the Illinois Articulation Initiative, and those involving several institutions should be referred to the Transfer Coordinators of Illinois Colleges and Universities. The staffs of the Illinois Community College Board and Illinois Board of Higher Education will provide assistance in resolving issues.
  2. The Illinois Articulation Initiative's Steering Panel should continue to identify and address development and implementation issues as they arise. The Steering Panel also should proceed to adopt and implement a more formal review and appeals process, involving the general education and majors panels as appropriate, and make the procedures widely known.
  3. Continuous improvement of lines and methods of communication among all constituents with a stake in articulation and transfer is of paramount importance to assuring the success of the Illinois Articulation Initiative in facilitating student transfer. The Board of Higher Education and Illinois Community College Board will give priority to communicating with all constituents. Transfer Coordinators of Illinois Colleges and Universities, the Illinois Articulation Initiative Steering Panel and both General Education and Baccalaureate Majors' Panels, and the academic leadership of all participating colleges and universities also should regularly communicate with appropriate constituencies.

The members of the Academic Leadership Group agreed that these steps would be effective in minimizing problems and resolving differences and confirmed their commitment to resolve transfer and articulation problems as they arise. The organization of Community College Chief Academic Officers has agreed to provide assistance to institutions and to serve as a forum for addressing transfer and articulation issues, particularly issues not addressed within the Illinois Articulation Initiative. The Transfer Coordinators plan to hold regional workshops next year to orient campuses to the Illinois Articulation Initiative.

Academic Leadership Group

  • Tobin G. Barrozo, Provost, Governors State University
  • Avan Billimoria, Provost and Academic Vice President, Chicago State University
  • Thomas Campbell, Vice President for Academic and Student Services, Illinois Central College
  • Dale Ewen, Vice President for Academic and Student Services, Parkland College
  • John S. Haller, Jr.,Vice President for Academic Services, Southern Illinois University
  • Ivan J. Lach, Deputy Director, Illinois Community College Board
  • Estela R. Lopez, Provost, Northeastern Illinois University
  • Sylvia Manning, Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Illinois
  • Robert Mees, Vice President for Instructional Services, John A. Logan College
  • J. Carroll Moody, Executive Vice President and Provost, Northern Illinois University
  • Omero Suarez, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, City Colleges of Chicago
  • John Urice, Provost, Illinois State University
  • Terry Weidner, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Eastern Illinois University
  • Burton O. Witthuhn, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Western Illinois University

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