Illinois Articulation Initiative Policy and Procedures

Charge To Baccalaureate Majors' Panels

Each baccalaureate major panel is charged to develop a recommendation for prospective students who have decided upon their major but who have not yet decided upon the institution to which they may transfer (or to which they might be admitted). Each panel needs to identify those courses that incoming transfer students should have completed in order to be admitted as a junior into the baccalaureate major. The panel should identify and describe:

  1. Any additional general education courses beyond those in the General Education Core Curriculum that students need to complete to meet degree or college requirements (e.g., should students have completed a foreign language?)
  2. Any courses in the major or related disciplines that "native" students commonly take as freshmen and sophomores.
  3. Any other information the prospective student should know about transfer into the major (e.g., what subfields or disciplines does the major include? Is there a minimum GPA requirement for admission? Are there entry exams? Is there a performance criterion required-audition, portfolio, etc.?)

Including the transferable General Education Core Curriculum, the panel's recommendation should comprise about 60 semester credit hours (up to a maximum of 64 semester credits). Community and junior college students are encouraged to complete an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree before transferring.

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