Major Political Science Panel Meeting Summary for October 2017


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Meeting Summary for Major Political Science Panel Meeting
Illinois State University's Alumni Center, Normal, IL, Rm 119 Thursday, October 5, 2017
Members present: : Malinda Aiello(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Keith Boeckelman(Western Illinois University), Jeff Cutchin(Illinois Eastern Community Colleges), Krista Jackson(iTransfer System ), Nancy Lind(Illinois State University), Mikel Wyckoff(Northern Illinois University)
Members present virtually: Carolyn Myers(Southwestern Illinois College), Jay Pearce(Black Hawk College), Bobby Summers(Harper College)
Members Absent: Jeff Ashley(Eastern Illinois University), Raymond Barnett(University of Illinois at Springfield), Ashley Becker(Illinois Community College Board), Marcus Brown(Richland Community College), Jane Bryant(John A. Logan College), Emily Buhnerkempe(Illinois Community College Board), Craig Curtis(Bradley University), Janice Leuchtenberg(iTransfer System ), Maureen Lowry-Fritz(Rock Valley College), Melissa Mouritsen(College of DuPage), Craig Mulling(Prairie State College), Deron Schreck(Moraine Valley Community College), Steve Shulman(Southern Illinois University Carbondale), John Vinzant(Lincoln Land Community College), Joe Walwik(Parkland College)


1. Introductions & Technology, Welcome New Members

2. Training, Orientation & Updates

Discussed the panel process and management change.  This was done to ensure consistency and help across the panels.  It is important to have Board representation at all the panels.  In person meetings for major panels this season to allow members to meet and see each other.  Was difficult with budget impasse and lack of in-person meetings often seemed to impact approval ratios.  Approval ratios are one indicator of panel functionality and can be an expression of panel over reach. 

3. Course Review

Discussed the possible decisions the panel could make on courses. – Approved, Conditionally Approved (co-chairs make final approval), Needs More Information, and Returned.  When and why to use them was explained.

New Courses - 0 course(s)
Resubmitted New Courses - 0 course(s)
Ongoing Review Courses - 2 course(s)
Resubmitted Ongoing Review Courses - 0 course(s)

New Courses - 0 course(s)

Resubmitted New Courses - 0 course(s)

Ongoing Review Courses - 2 course(s)

McHenry County College - PLT 150 - Introduction to Political Thought - PLS913 - Approved

Prairie State College - POLSC 250 - Introduction to Political Philosophy - PLS913 - Approved

Resubmitted Ongoing Review Courses - 0 course(s)

4. Course Approval Criteria and Submission Process - Review materials 

No changes needed.     

5. Items from Panel Members

Enrollment is up at a few of the represented institutions while was steady or with a slight decline in the political science majors.  The budget situation is improved, but some institutions are still struggling.           

6. Dates for Next Meetings –
Spring 2018 meeting – Thursday, April 12, 2018 – conference call at 2:00pm
Fall 2018 meeting – Thursday, October 4, 2018 – 10:00 am for an in-person meeting, in Normal, IL

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