Major Chemistry Panel Meeting Summary for October 2011


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Minutes for Major Chemistry Panel Meeting
ISU's Alumni Center, Room 119 Friday, October 28, 2011
Members present: : Ed Acheson(Millikin University), Wayne Bosma(Bradley University), Jon Carnahan(Northern Illinois University), David Edelbach(Sauk Valley Community College), Erick Fuoco(Daley College (Richard J.) (CCC)), Krista Jackson(iTransfer System), Janice Leuchtenberg(iTransfer System), Christopher Merli(Richland Community College), William Peacy(College of DuPage), Jennifer Ramm(Lincoln Land Community College), Mary Urban(College of Lake County), Sharon Weldon(Illinois State University), Marie Wolff(Joliet Junior College)
Members present virtually: Gary Kinsel(Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
Members Absent: Malinda Aiello(Illinois Community College Board), Samantha Anderson(Kishwaukee College), Ahmed Audi(College of Lake County), Bob Blankenberger(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Robert Dixon(Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Abhilasha Gupta(iTransfer System), Roger House(Harper College), Doug Klarup(Eastern Illinois University), Diane Ostojic(South Suburban College), Dheeraj Vatti(iTransfer System)




Minutes from the Meeting of Friday, October 28, 2011


Members Present:  Co-Chair Sharon Weldon (Illinois State Univ.), Co-Chair Marie Wolff (Joliet Junior College), Ed Acheson (Millikin Univ.), Wayne Bosma (Bradley Univ.), Jon Carnahan (Northern Illinois Univ.), David Edelbach (Sauk Valley Comm. College), Erick Fuoco (Richard J. Daley College), Gary Kinsel (Southern Illinois Univ. Carbondale), Christopher Merli (Richland Comm. College), William Peacy (College of DuPage), Jennifer Ramm (Lincoln Land Comm. College), Mary Urban (College of Lake County). 

Electronic Attendance:  Gary Kinsel

IAI Staff:  Krista Jackson, Janice Leuchtenberg

Members Absent:  Samantha Anderson (Kishwaukee College), Robert Dixon (Southern Illinois Univ. Edwardsville), Roger House (Harper College), Doug Klarup (Eastern Illinois Univ.).

1.     Introductions and make sure technology is working. Panel members wanted to discuss the voting system.

a.    Krista demonstrated the iManage System

b.    Krista demonstrated Course Submission

2.    Course Review:

Courses for Five year review

0 courses

New Courses

1 courses

CHM914: Organic Chemistry II

Southeastern Illinois College

CHEM 242: Organic Chemistry II

Final Decision : Marked Incomplete

Resubmitted Courses:

Resubmitted Courses for Five year review

0 courses


Resubmitted Original Courses

0        courses

3.    IAI Major directive responses: 

a.    Review of Round 1 responses

b.    Krista will send comments via email from “no” responses, and work over summer to get those to “yes” responses.

c.    Some courses at upper level at institutions we won’t be able to fix to transfer credits as course is major not elective from “no” response schools

4.    Legislation update – SB 00059

a.    Web site complaint area is a good way to collect problem information about transfers.

b.    Can the panel get a summary of related questions/complaints?  Contact Krista

c.    Legislations could change how transfer works within Illinois.

d.    Senator Silverstein used legislation from California that had no program like IAI.  He basically replaced California with Illinois in the bill.

e.    SB 00059 basically says that if a student has his/her Associates degree, they are given some measure of security when transferring to a 4 year school, at the Jr. level.

f.     Unintended consequences:

                                          i.    Major may not be open

                                         ii.    Better to transfer before Associate level reached

5.     Other Items:

a.    Panel wants to require 2 syllabi (1 semester & full year) for each course submission

b.    Panel wants to require lab form (their version) for each course submission

c.    Krista will send the Panel an email when the statement is on the website re check with receiving institution regarding does my incoming course match your requirements?

d.    For 5 year review, we will select all 4 courses from 5 institutions.  Will try for one each from 2 year public, 2 year private, 4 year public, 4 year private.

6.    Next Meeting:  Friday, March 23, 2012.  Illinois State University’s Alumni Center in Normal, IL is not available, so Janice will check for Heartland Community College, Normal, IL at 10:00 am.  The fall meeting will be November 2, 2012.

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