Major Business Panel Meeting Summary for March 2012


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Minutes for Major Business Panel Meeting
Heartland Community College - Community Commons Building Room 2012 Thursday, March 29, 2012
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Members Absent: Malinda Aiello(Illinois Community College Board), John Babich(Kankakee Community College), Bob Blankenberger(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Laurie Cubit(McHenry County College), Patrick Deane(South Suburban College), Wayne Gawlik(Joliet Junior College), Jill Gebke(Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Jeane Gohl-Noice(Parkland College), Abhilasha Gupta(iTransfer System), Linda Hefferin(Elgin Community College), Krista Jackson(iTransfer System), Krista Jackson(iTransfer System), Janice Joplin(Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), David Knopp(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Janice Leuchtenberg(iTransfer System), Lori Marcellus(Northern Illinois University), Candace Miller(Lake Land College), Debra Prendergast(Prairie State College), Gaziur Rahman(Lincoln Trail College (IECC)), Christie Roszkowski(Eastern Illinois University), Maureen Ruski(Richland Community College), Cheryl Staley(Lake Land College), Tammy Tiggelaar(Kishwaukee College), Dheeraj Vatti(iTransfer System), Leatha Ware(Waubonsee Community College), Tara Westerhold(Western Illinois University)


Notes from the Spring IAI meeting : Business panel

Fall meeting scheduled for Friday November 30, 2012

Tentative date for Spring 2013: Thursday March 28,   April 11

Discussion of IAI retreat, what has worked and not worked in the IAI panels, and the differences between GECC panels and major panels.

Panel Policy issues

  • Do other panels use the “suggested course” description that we ascribed to Business law?
  • Discussion of how some 4 year schools pick and choose what courses they will accept, regardless of whether they are IAI approved
  • Discussion of bills introduced by a group of 2 year college instructors to require 4 year colleges to accept courses. No bills were passed, but new bills are being introduced. Most likely bill to be passed may require a committee from 3 major areas/groups to report back to the legislators.
  • Desire for a common format for submission, maybe a downloaded form for each school to complete. Also concern was expressed for need to not micromanage syllabus during the course review process

Course review submissions:

Questions about voting

  • Can courses be available as they are submitted, instead of all at one time
  • Should we do the quick accept for courses with all “yes” or do we need to look at each course separately?
  • Should we infer an absence of a vote imply a yes vote?

For BUS 902 ( Computers) the description and the outcomes are listed together. Panel recommended that the criteria for Accounting and statistics would also be presented this way.

Currently the description and outcomes are in separate locations, and aren’t consistent for BUS 904. The description includes capital budgeting and the outcomes list variances. These two should be consistent.

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