Major Business Panel Meeting Summary for March 2011


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Minutes for Major Business Panel Meeting
Thursday, March 17, 2011
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IAI Business Panel Summary

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Heartland Community College


Malinda will send the minutes from the fall meeting and we’ll vote by email.


Major directives –

All but one school said “yes” to the Business Panel recommendations.  Malinda will check with Bob about NEIU’s concerns (footnotes).  The panel’s next step is to see what concerns the 4 year school has and see if we can address them.


We looked at the approved Business recommendations on the web.  Suggestion was made to add the IAI Gen Ed numbers by Econ I and II and Math.


A major progress summary was distributed.  Tier 1 majors have been reviewed and comments back to IBHE.  Tier 1 will now be sent to the private schools.  Tier 2 majors are at the 4 year public schools for review now.


Pending transfer legislation was discussed.  It has been revised many times so to see the most current version go to and read Senate Bill 59.


To resolve issues a complaint section was added to site for students.  They will collect the data to see what problems the students are having.   The email will go to itransfer and the institutional contact.


A handout of common core college readiness standards workshops was distributed.


The new 5 year review system received good feedback.  They consolidated 5 different databases into one.  They will revise if needed. 


We discussed business recommendations and their outcomes.  All will be reviewed and sent to Malinda by April 15 and she will post for the committee to vote by May 1.

902 – Lori

903 & 904 – Paul and John

901 – Tara and ?? (was it Tom?)

913 – Patrick, Jean and Kristie


Membership – we need another statistics person.  There is no clear cut guideline for membership.  Malinda thinks the membership will look different in the fall.  A volunteer can contact Malinda but it is not guaranteed they will be put on the panel.


New Chairs – the co-chair responsibilities and terms were discussed.  The co-chairs decide course approval for courses that were designated Not Enough Information once the missing documents arrive.  The terms shall be staggered.  Linda Hefferin volunteered and was unanimously approved as the new 2 year school co-chair effective fall 2011.


Fall meeting will be November 18 and spring meeting will be March 29.  Location will be in Bloomington.


Course review – as long as there are 8 yes votes, the course will be accepted.  Panel wanted to see a current syllabus and not a generic course/topical outline.  Courses that are 4 quarter hours are sufficient for 3 semester hours.


we went through the courses .....

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