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Minutes for Major Business Panel Meeting
Thursday, April 15, 2010
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IAI Business Major Panel Meeting
At Heartland Community College
Normal, IL
April 15th, 2010 at 10:00 am
1. Introductions:  
Members Present:
John Babich, Kankakee Comm. College Laurie Cubit, McHenry County College
Patrick Deane, South Suburban College Jeane Gohl-Noice, Parkland College
Tony Kirchmeier, SIU Carbondale Lori Marcellus, Northern Illinois University
Joan McEneany, Western IL University Christie Roszkowski, Eastern Illinois Univer. Maureen Ruski, Richland Comm. College Diane Skidmore, Illinois State University
Leatha Ware, Waubonsee Comm. College Tara Westerhold, Western Illinois University  Staff:  Malinda Aiello, ICCB
Members Not Present:
Mike Foland, Southwestern Illinois College Linda Hefferin, Elgin Community College
Janice Joplin – SIU Edwardsville Gaziur Rahman, IECC Lincoln Trail College
Lori Sundberg, Carl Sandburg College Paul Swanson, Carl Sandburg College
2. Minutes of the April 16, 2009 meeting were approved as read.
3. Review Courses Submitted for Approval 
There were no courses submitted for approval this term.  BUS 902 Computer Applications was posted in WebReview as a Discussion Item for the panel.  (See next agenda item.)
A general discussion was held regarding identifiers BUS 911, 912, & 913 and if they are active or inactive.  If they are inactive, one member suggested that change occurred when panels were asked to identify only one to four core courses.  John discussed the possibility of reactivating these identifiers if there is a need for them.  Panel members also discussed course outcomes and agreed that the more they articulate, the more it will help with transferability within the state.  Malinda was asked to post outcomes with the criteria for Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, and Business Statistics in WebReview as a Discussion Item.  Members will be given approximately four weeks to make comments and vote.
4. Learning Outcomes for Computer Science Business Courses
There was good feedback provided by the panel members on WebReview for this course which was previously posted as a Discussion Item.  Lori will work on revising the document based on the feedback.  Target May 1 as the date Malinda can send out to the full panel for final review.
5. IBHE and ICCB Directed Changes to the Majors
The detailed agenda from the conference call with major panel co-chairs was distributed with the agenda as background information.  Malinda explained that we must work to formalize the recommendations of the majors to better assist students who know their major, but not necessarily their intended transfer destination.  All major panels have been asked to review their one to four core courses again and determine readiness to move forward with the recommendation.  
Although the panel had previously identified four core courses, panel members discussed at great length the strong desire to add one more, Legal Environment, for a total of five core courses.  If accepted, the new major core identifiers would include BUS 901, 902, 903, 904, and 913.  Members present indicated that Legal Environment is considered a major requirement at every four year public university.  Malinda reminded everyone that all panels have been asked to identify no more than four core courses, with the rationale that this is the typical number of major courses that a freshman/sophomore would take at the senior institutions.  Diane and Christine indicated they will write the rationale for five (vs. four) major courses.  Malinda will forward this information to IBHE for consideration.
6. Updates to the 5 Year Review Process
A memo from the iTransfer Coordinator was distributed with the agenda providing an update on the process.  The memo did not contain information regarding all three options for panel selection of courses (i.e. 1) random from a set of institutions, 2) a random selection of courses from a random set of institutions, and 3) random set of courses from a specific IAI identifier).  Based on Malinda’s presentation of options, the panel discussed pulling courses by identifier and considered a random selection vs. all courses from all schools within that particular identifier.  The panel will discuss further, but at this time plan on reviewing one identifier each year.
7. Review Panel Membership and Vacancies
Malinda briefly explained the need to review panel membership, vacancies, term limits, etc.  Membership and the proper filling of member roles (CAO, faculty, and transfer coordinators) will be reviewed by IAI staff over the summer.  Once the panel membership lists have been updated, including member removal due to retirement and meeting non-attendance, staff will work diligently to fill all vacancies.  At the spring 2011 meeting, the panel will need to discuss the election of new co-chairs and staggering the terms.
8. Other Business  
9. Next Meeting
The fall panel meeting will be held on Thursday, November 4, 2010 at Heartland Community College in Bloomington, IL.

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