Major Biology Panel Meeting Summary for October 2013


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Minutes for Major Biology Panel Meeting
ISU Alumni Center, Room 119 Friday, October 18, 2013
Members present: : Lindsay Eickhorst(Heartland Community College), Peggy Goetsch(Lincoln Land Community College), Margaret Jonah(Dominican University), Elizabeth Kozak(Lewis University), Bryan Krall(Parkland College), Kenneth Mager(Kankakee Community College), Neil Voss(Roosevelt University), Tina Whitney(Governors State University)
Members present virtually: Lakshmi Gollapudi(College of Lake County), Katherine Hollis(Harper College), Bob Weck(Southwestern Illinois College)
Members Absent: David Breen(Sauk Valley Community College), Joel Brown(University of Illinois at Chicago), Paul Brunkow(Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Mark Coykendall(College of Lake County), Dan Cullen(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Krista Jackson(iTransfer System), Mitrick Johns(Northern Illinois University), Adam Julian(iTransfer System), Marian Kelly(Prairie State College), Carey Krajewski(Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Mark Kuhlman(McHenry County College), Janice Leuchtenberg(iTransfer System), Kelly McConnaughay(Bradley University), Shawn Meagher(Western Illinois University), Bradley Mehrtens(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Greg Reid(MacCormac College), Rashid Robinson(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Sedonia Sipes(Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Gordon Tucker(Eastern Illinois University), Kelly Wentz-Hunter(Roosevelt University), Laura West(Northeastern Illinois University)


I.  Introductions & Technology
            A.  Personnel Changes
                        1.  Malinda Aiello has rejoined the IAI team, she is now managing panels                                              on behalf of IBHE

                                    a.)  She is the new panel manager for Biology

                                    b.)  Sam Wheeler is filling in for her today

2.New members introduced to the panel

a.)Krista Winters (Spoon River)

b.)Carol Dunn (Danville Area Community College)


II.Training, Orientation, and Updates

            A.  New Policies and Procedures Manual

1.Everyone on the panel received a copy of the newly revised 2013 IAI Policies

2.It is also available for download at:




3.The manual spells out individual responsibilities for ICCB, IBHE,, CAOs/University Provosts, Transfer Coordinators, and Faculty Panel Members

      4.  The manual details how panel members should conduct a new course review       5.  The manual also details how the Ongoing Course Review process will operate                   moving forward

               B.  Panel Member Term Limits

                        1.  We will do a better job of enforcing the 3-year panel member term                                                    limit
                        2.  Each semester we will thank departing panel members and welcome                                                             new panel members

            C.  iTransfer website changes

                        1.  iTransfer is reprogramming the site to make it more user-friendly

                                    a.)  The new site will launch in January

                                    b.)  We will talk more about it during the Spring 2014 meeting

                        2. = their mobile site is live

IV.  Items from Members

            A.  Panel’s IAI Course Identifiers

                        1.  Though this panel has 1 IAI Course identifier, it is a sequential course and                                       requires 2 syllabi

                                    a.)  Would it be problematic to combine submissions and review the 2                                                   syllabi as part of 1 packaged submission?          

            B.  Course Decision Making Criteria

                        1.  The panel requested that the current Biology Major Panel specific                                            checklist document be deleted from the Panel Related Documents                                                 page

                        2.  Bio Majors Panel Specific Checklist (Bryan Krall)

                                    a.)  The panel accepted this new checklist with minor changes

                                                1.  Bryan will email the panel manager this checklist and it                                                                         will be uploaded to this panel related documents                                                                  page

                        3.  The panel requested that the BIOL 910 sequence checklist be deleted                                       from this page

                                    a.)  However, can we put it somewhere that only members of the                                                   panel can view it?  


V.  Panel Member Recognition

            A.  The following members whose terms have expired were thanked for their                               service to this panel: 

                        1.  Marian Kelly, (Prairie State)

                        2.  Mark Kuhlman, (McHenry County)



VI.  Schedule Next Meeting

            A.  Spring 2014 = panel manager will circulate a Doodle poll

            B.  Fall 2014 = panel will meet on Friday, October 17, 2014 at 10:00 am

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