Major Agriculture Panel Meeting Summary for March 2011


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Minutes for Major Agriculture Panel Meeting
Thursday, March 24, 2011
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Chairman Gary Shupe called the meeting to order at 4:05 pm.
Members in Attendance: Gary Shupe – John Wood Community College, Jeff Bash – Spoon River College, Tammy Miller - Joliet Junior College (in lieu of Bill Johnson), Malinda Aiello – ICCB, Ember Keithley – WIU, Rob Rhykerd – ISU, Charlotte Sarao – SIU, Bill Simmons – U of I, Bill Good – Blackhawk College, Janet Gallagher-Kishwaukee Community College.  ICCB Resource Person: Malinda Aiello. Guests were Bill Harmon and Sara Pohl.
1.       Reviewed and approved minutes from 10/14/11. Charlotte Sarao – moved, Bill Good 2nd
2.       ICCB Update - Malinda Aiello,
·         Reviewed summary of IAI majors
o   Items are posted on website for transparency
o   Ag majors will be included in 2nd round of approval started 2/4/2011
·         Transfer Legislation and the impact of Senate Bill 59 were discussed
·         Common Core targeted for math and English
·         Website will be updated this summer
3.       Panel Business
·         Five year review system
o   Random sampling or review all courses at the same time was discussed
o   Moved that one course will be designated per semester for review – moved by Rob Rhykerd, Bill Simmons 2nd
o   Chairman will select order courses will be reviewed
·         Fall 2011 Meeting will be at Parkland College Oct. 6th
·         Spring 2012 Meeting will be at University of Illinois – date TBA
·         Syllabi Changes 2011 Conference Review
o   Rob Rhykerd moved to approve all syllabi as changed, Charlotte Sarao – 2nd
o   Motion passed
o   Tammy Miller moved to request Floral Design IAI 912 be submitted for approval to ICCB, Janet Gallagher – 2nd
o   Motion passed
4.       Course Submission Review
·         Reviewed online voting procedure, everyone felt this method was effective
·         13 Courses submitted for approval
·         Nine members had submitted votes on courses requested
·         U of I courses had been submitted by Bill Simmons and need to be submitted by Richland and Rock Valley Colleges
·         Online voting results determined to be final vote
5.       IAI Panel
·         Chairman will review members not participating and replace with members that will be active
·         Schools will be contacted to identify members for the panel
6.       Meeting Adjourned 5:35

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