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Meeting Summary for IAI Steering Panel Meeting
Illinois State University's Alumni Center, Normal, IL, Rm 116 Thursday, May 05, 2016
Members present: :

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Members present virtually:

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Members Absent: Sean Doyle(Moraine Valley Community College), Mary Wright(Southern Illinois University Carbondale)


1.         Welcome & Introductions


2.         Updates

a.         GECC Panels

i.          GECC Communication – Lori Cinotte

1.         31 courses reviewed.

2.         Many new panel members

ii.         GECC Humanities & Fine Arts – Sean Doyle

1.         111 courses reviewed. 

2.         Panel is looking at descriptors – outdated, revisions, ends, standardization, etc.

iii.         GECC Social & Behavioral Science – Lily Siu

1.         AP meeting in February helped.  Met some History Panel members – helped to try to synch descriptors.

2.         Discussion re N or D designations on descriptors

iv.        GECC Mathematics – Sara Leigh & Mark Caparula

1.         38 courses reviewed, majority approved

2.         Community Colleges are starting co-req models.  Concern that courses will be returned for not meeting pre-req.  Panel going to wait a few years to see how the study plays out.

3.         For AP, Statistics agreed on score of 3.  Calculus – 3 isn’t a match.

4.         PMGE is home-grown Illinois course for developmental education.

v.         GECC Life Sciences – Kelly McConnaughay

1.         Productive meeting

2.         Panel decided to clarify criteria document and shorten.

3.         Revised a few descriptors.

vi.        GECC Physical Sciences – Joy Branlund

1.         Approximately 55 courses

2.         Looked at documents for courses on a jump drive after the database crash.

3.         Revised descriptor to accommodate AP law.

4.         Other revisions to descriptors also

b.         Major Panels – with no budget, we weren’t able to have in-person meetings with all panels.

i.          IBHE – Malinda Aiello

1.         Computer Science

2.         Theatre Arts – conference call meeting

3.         Psychology – conference call meeting

4.         Art – meeting held at Parkland

5.         English – cancelled

6.         Biology – meeting tomorrow

7.         Early Childhood Education – movement to try to align with competencies.  Panels looking at descriptors with that in mind.  A lot of changes from ISBE in this field.

ii.         ICCB – Ashley Becker

1.         Physics – conference call

2.         Chemistry – in-person meeting

3.         Ag – conference call

4.         Criminal Justice – conference call

5.         Engineering – in-person meeting. 


iii.         IAI/iTransfer – Krista Jackson

1.         Mass Communication – conference call

a.         New Panel name – Media and Communication Arts

i.          5 new descriptors

2.         Business – conference call – made a few descriptor revisions, re-ded Business Stats descriptor

3.         Political Science – cancelled

4.         Math – in-person meeting

a.         A couple of descriptor tweaks (GECC panel will match these)

5.         History - cancelled

c.         Transfer Coordinators – Anne Brennan

i.          Fall Meeting Tuesday, November 15, 2016

d.         Board & IAI Updates

i.          Legislation – Malinda Aiello

1.         AP Update – IB similar legislation possible

2.         IAI Act – legislating what we already do.  Protects the process and protects what we do.

a.         If legislated, can’t change.

b.         Concern no exceptions for private institutions

ii.         Ashley – HLC and Dual Credit work being done – fixing things

iii.         Krista – Due to an IAI Database Server crash, annual report is on hold.  We are making progress towards recovering missing data – will just take some time


3.         Other Items From Members

a.         Malinda – Handout – functions and membership comparison between IAC and Steering Panels

i.          Improve efficiencies

ii.         Redundancy and overlap

iii.         Originally thought to eliminate one group

iv.        Steering primary role is location for institutions to appeal panel course decisions

v.         At IAC meeting, determined each meet once/year. E.g. this fall IAC, steering in Spring, etc.

vi.        Combine the 2 groups?

vii.        If so, need to continue to meet twice/year.


4.         Next Meeting:

a.         Friday, December 2, 2016, ISU’s Alumni Center, Room 116, Normal, IL




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