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Meeting Summary for IAI Steering Panel Meeting
Illinois State University's Alumni Center, Rm 116, Normal, IL 61761 Friday, December 5, 2014
Members present: : Malinda Aiello(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Lois Backas(Roosevelt University), Ashley Becker(Illinois Community College Board), Joy Branlund(Southwestern Illinois College), Tracey Dosch(Waubonsee Community College), Sean Doyle(Moraine Valley Community College), Krista Jackson(iTransfer System ), Steve Kifowit(Prairie State College), Kristi Kuntz(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Janice Leuchtenberg(iTransfer System ), Marilyn Marshall(University of Illinois), Kelly McConnaughay(Bradley University), Sally Parry(Illinois State University), Lily Siu(Richland Community College), Richard Stillwell(iTransfer System )
Members present virtually: Lois Bishop(DePaul University), Anne Brennan(City Colleges of Chicago), Lori Cinotte(Illinois Valley Community College), Mary Herrington-Perry(Eastern Illinois University), Mary Wright(Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
Members Absent: Steve Bennett(Western Illinois University), Anne Birberick(Northern Illinois University), Dan Cullen(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Jeff Cutchin(Olney Central College (IECC)), Brian Durham(Illinois Community College Board), Kris Harding(Illinois State University), Thedford Jackson(Highland Community College), Carl Lorenz(Parkland College), Patrick McGinty(Western Illinois University), John Miller(Western Illinois University)



  1. Welcome & Introductions


  1. Updates

    1. GECC Panels

      1. GECC Communication – Lori Cinotte

        1. Sent wording to Ashley re Criteria revamping.

      2. GECC Mathematics – Steve Kifowit

        1. Submissions looking better

        2. Panel descriptors follow the curriculum guide of IMAC which is undergoing major revision (normally a 2 year process).

        3. All going well.


      3. GECC Social & Behavioral Science – Lily Siu

        1. 67 Courses for fall

        2. Overall quality of submissions is improved.

        3. Good new members, good participation.

        4. Malinda is trying to coordinate a meeting between Social & Behavioral Sciences Panel and the Humanities & Fine Arts Panel to better align History courses.

      4. GECC Humanities & Fine Arts – Sean Doyle

        1. 68 Courses for fall

        2. New members, good attendance.

        3. Looking at descriptors and criteria via sub-committees.

        4. Obstacles – writing and 4th semester foreign language courses and the difference between “big C Culture and little c culture” in courses.

      5. GECC Life Sciences – Tracey Dosch and Kelly McConnaughay

        1. Both co-chairs fairly new

        2. 25 Courses for fall

        3. Fairly high return rate – most from Ongoing Review

        4. Either 2nd year major courses (issue being breadth of topics and/or societal) and very applied career courses.

        5. Submissions are improving, but a lot of resubmissions aren’t changed from previous submission.

        6. Zoology, Botany, etc. not good matches for Life Science descriptors. More like Major courses.

        7. Nutrition and A&P courses will be ending May 2015.  Will release schedule for rest (Zoology, Botany, etc.) in May 2016 and May 2017.

        8. Co-chairs want input on announcement memo.  They will work with Malinda to draft it.

        9. Panel is reviewing descriptors and criteria.

      6. GECC Physical Sciences – Joy Branlund

        1. 26 Courses for fall

        2. Few returns, several Need More Information

        3. Reviewed and reorganized criteria in meeting.

        4. Also looked at descriptors.  Some very broad – working on General Physical Science to make it more broad to be a better catch-all for more courses

    2. Major Panels

      1. IBHE – Malinda Aiello

        1. Early Childhood Education Panel up and running

        2. Education Panel still on hold.

        3. ECE held its first official meeting in the summer via conference call.  General overview of IAI, then looked at descriptors.

        4. Got down to ECE 912 Child Growth & Development, and ECE 913 Exceptional Child.

        5. Descriptors for these 2 courses are 99% finalized.

        6. Panel will accept submissions for Spring 2015 for ECE 912, then work on ECE 913.

      2. Discussion re credit hours, credentialing through Gateway.  A lot of work – will take time.

      3. ICCB – Ashley Becker

        1. Deciding if Industrial Technology panel needs to be active or not.

        2. Biggest issue this semester with panels was criteria.  Been working hard on that – some panels didn’t even have formal criteria.

      4. IAI/iTransfer – Krista Jackson

        1. A few minor criteria updates.

        2. MC 916 Video Production for Mass Comm panel has 2 areas of focus in video work:

            1. Studio-focus

            2. Field-focus

              Panel wants to split descriptor into A & B

        3. Business panel wants to look at courses through the lens of business and are returning courses not showing that focus.

    3. Transfer Coordinators – Anne Brennan

      1. No concerns were raised at the meeting about panel work.

      2. Moving to 1 syllabus per submission is either not understood or not a major impact.

      3. Breakout session – Reverse Transfer with attendees broken into regional groups.  Anne will summarize her notes and get them out to all.

      4. New 4 year co-chair – Amanda Sutton – SIU Carbondale.  Kris Harding has retired from IAI due to accepting a new position at ISU.

      5. Topics for next meeting – education, Phi Beta Kappa and Completion Agenda.

      6. Folks liked the interactive at the meeting – will be tried again.

    4. IBHE – Malinda Aiello

      1. Marilyn has been having an issue getting transfer data.  Data is collected by IBHE.  Now working with ISAC (Illinois Student Assistance Commission).  2013 data will be collected in 2015.  Will still be behind, but different system will hopefully improve the situation.

      2. In the process of drafting administrative rules for dual credit and SARA.  Working on being state approved for SARA.

    5. ICCB – Ashley Becker

      1. Looking at 2nd Credentials, military articulation, and revamping administrative roles.

    6. IAI/iTransfer – Krista Jackson

      1. Formal introduction of Richard Stillwell, IAI IT & Web Administrator

      2. Rebuilding ECE pages

      3. We now have virtual servers

      4. Univ. of Hawaii wants transfer system based on ours.

  2. Other Items

    1. Representative Syllabus Recommendation from IAC

      1. Endorsed from IAC - Panels don’t need to require both a master and an instructor syllabus, and the institution chooses what to submit.

      2. Requesting formal approval from Steering

      3. Voice vote:  Approve requirement of only 1 syllabus to be submitted.  Panels no longer require 2.  Institutions may submit 2 if they choose, or other documentations to submit all information needed by the panel.  Instead of looking at number of syllabi, it’s the necessary information submitted or not.  10 Accept, 1 vote to abstain.

      4. IAI Team will take the ball from here.

    2. Policies & Procedures Update

      1. Latest version finalized in 2013.  Sub-committee spent over a year working on it.

      2. Not once and done – is ongoing.

      3. A few issues have come up as not being included:

        1. D or better being accepted

        2. Attendance for panel meetings

        3. New role on ECE – ex-officio

          1. Governor’s office rep

          2. IBHE rep

          3. Gateway rep

        4. Need to clarify what they can/can’t do

          1. Can’t vote

          2. Limit conversation re course discussions

        5. GenEd prereq’s

        6. If an institution never submits a called course, what are the consequences?

        7. Working on these issues will be a Spring project

    3. Ongoing Review

      1. Need to call Spring courses

      2. Preferably prior to December 19th – mid January at the latest

    4. Institutional Participation – need regional accredidation not just National accredidation. 

    5. Our policy is National can be receiving but not full participants.

    6. Those in favor of changing policy:

      1. 0 opposed, Unanimous to keep current policy

  3. Items From Members

    1. Lori Cinotte – competency-based online programs at ICCB/IBHE?

      1. Yes at ICCB.  At CAO meeting it came up.  Will be working on this.


  4. Other

    1. Looking into a GECC Credential

      1. Gives Comm. Colleges credit for student completion of GECC package before they transfer to Universities.

    2. IAI Team meeting next Thursday.

      1. Let us know of any items you would like us to discuss


  5. Next Meeting:

    1. Spring – Thursday April 30, 2015

    2. Fall – Friday December 4, 2015

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