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Minutes for IAI Steering Panel Meeting
ISU Alumni Center, Room 116 in Normal, IL Friday, May 04, 2012
Members present: : Malinda Aiello(Illinois Community College Board), Lois Bishop(DePaul University), Mary Herrington-Perry(Eastern Illinois University), Polly Hoover(Wilbur Wright College (CCC)), Krista Jackson(iTransfer System), David Knopp(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Janice Leuchtenberg(iTransfer System), Heidi Leuszler(Parkland College), Marilyn Marshall(University of Illinois), John Miller(Western Illinois University), Sally Parry(Illinois State University), Emanuel Pollack(University of Illinois at Chicago), Lily Siu(Richland Community College), Mary Wright(Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
Members present virtually:

No members

Members Absent: Lois Backas(Roosevelt University), Steve Bennett(Western Illinois University), Anne Birberick(Northern Illinois University), Bob Blankenberger(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Sean Doyle(Moraine Valley Community College), Brian Durham(Illinois Community College Board), Margaret Dust(Chicago State University), Kris Harding(Illinois State University), Thedford Jackson(Highland Community College), Steve Kifowit(Prairie State College), Carl Lorenz(Parkland College), Lamata Mitchell(Rock Valley College)


  1.  Welcome and Introductions


  1. Updates from GECC Co-Chairs and the Transfer Coordinators Committee
    1. Krista Jackson – GECC Humanities and Fine Arts
      1. Panel is in 5 year Review, doing the most problematic course first.
    2. Mary Wright – GECC Mathematics
      1. 5 year Review is going reasonably well.  Issues – panel needs more clarification on criteria, will try to clear up – maybe a rubric.
    3. John Miller – GECC Communication Panel
      1. 5 year Review going quickly, most courses panel Needs More Information
    4. Lily Siu – GECC Social & Behavioral Sciences
      1. Panel’s biggest issue is attendance.  They would like linkage with the H&FA panel with similar courses.



  1. Heidi Leuszler – GECC Physical and Life Sciences
    1. Web Review went well.  Co-chairs tried to orient new members. 
    2. Returned quite a few courses.  Conditional Approval – people are sending documents directly to co-chairs, some getting lost.
    3. 5 year Review – looking at every course.  Chemistry has 163 courses – too much.  Panel will do a random review of General Chemistry.
    4. Panel wants a Lecture Submission Form
    5. Had a course appeal – Major Physics class.  Panel didn’t follow their own rules – some labs were in class, and rule says 100%.  Panel asked institution to provide more information, panel looked more at outcomes.
  2. Thedford Jackson & Kris Harding - Transfer Coordinators – neither in attendance today.
    1. Krista reported that TJ’s term was up and he was nominated to continue to serve.
    2. Marilyn reported that there were several retirements.


  1. ICCB, IBHE, and IAI/iTransfer Updates
    1. IBHE – David Knopp
      1. Major Directive
        1. Handout – IAI Major Panel Recommendation Acceptance Summary
        2. Next step – work on “no” responses, and take to Privates
      2. Legislation
        1. Two major bills re Transfer
          1. SB0059 started as a copy of a California bill in an effort to make transfer transparent.
          2. SB3804 – this hear – enhancements to IAI
        2. Yesterday’s (5/3/12) update – both bills are dead.
        3. SIU Carbondale will be doing a study with feeder institutions which satisfied many legislators.
        4. Most Presidents are not interested in legislation, so many feel bills are dead.
        5. Elaine Johnson, VP of Academic Affairs, SIU Carbondale, gets much credit for diffusing legislative issues.
        6. Women Employed Handout – still a deep interest in legislation.
          1. At IAC, discussion of getting Megan at one of our meetings so she can see transfer in a broad scope.
          2. John Miller suggests getting legal representation from IBHE to attend also due to many political issues involved.
        7. Major Panels
          1. Organizationally, things worked well, but turnout and voting seems dismal.  Orientation is an issue.
          2. This summer David will work to re-energize and recruit panel members.
          3. David couldn’t attend the Physics Panel meeting due to scheduling conflict before he took over administering the panel.  Their voting deadline was set for May 15, not the morning of the meeting.  So they discussed courses at their meeting, but didn’t vote.
    2. ICCB – Malinda Aiello
      1. Working with Elaine at SIU Carbondale – narrowing scope with transcript study.
      2. AS degree – adjusts the number of hours of Humanities and Social Science courses, bumps up Math & Science course hours.  Package hours remains the same.
      3. Through all panels, IBHE Academic Leadership group wants to see plan on paper.  Now they will take the plan back to deans, chairs, etc.. Hopefully at the May Leadership meeting, will get some responses.
      4. Teacher Prep Programs – the 3 agencies are trying to implement all changes in testing, etc.  Have developed a listserv to disseminate changes via Bulletins or Discussion.  Setting up Regional conference calls with schools to talk about issues/concerns.  Hearing that 4 year Publics aren’t working with them to make changes in Teacher Ed.  Hopefully discussion will help resolve.
      5. Developmental Ed – started with Math Taskforce – finalizing their report.  Now launching Developmental English and Reading.
      6. Major Panel Updates
        1. David is now managing half of Malinda’s panels.
        2. Agriculture – reactivated Floral Design under Horticulture Specialization.
        3. Art – final stages of re-convening.  Start course review will begin this Fall
        4. Criminal Justice – both co-chairs are retiring.  1 new 2-yr panel member elected.  Malinda will work on this in the summer.
        5. Industrial Technology – panel has decided to completely re-design and be called Technology.
        6. Education – planning to proceed but not meeting yet.  Will start with Intro to Ed course and maybe Educational Psychology.
  2. IAI/iTransfer – Krista Jackson
    1. Abhilasha Gupta – IAI Programmer has resigned.  Projects may take longer for a while.  Request for hiring is in ISU’s hands.
    2. Abhilasha accidently rolled out a planned change to the website, but it is being used.  It is a Student-Based Decision Tree style front page.
    3. Summer projects
      1. Panel related documents page – will change to put representative syllabi right on course description page.
      2. Major Page – add Art
      3. Audit – make sure full participating institutions are fully participating.  We will want a letter from the Boards to send out to those not fully participating.
    4. A company in Washington D.C. reached out to IAI to use as a model.  Krista was also contacted by a Legislator in Texas.
      1. Opportunity for a Marketing project?
      2. Maybe we can use Janice to coordinate information for publication
      3. Boards and IAI will work together on this.
    5. Course Review Statistics – Krista showed on website
    6. Conditional Approval System – Krista showed on website
    7. Major Panel Updates
      1. Biology – challenges – 1 identifier is a sequence of 2 or 3 courses.  Panel is applying the same decision to all courses in the sequence.
      2. Chemistry – approved most courses
      3. Computer Science – 5 year Review – all courses
      4. Engineering – discussion of CAD course – trying to make course fit current practices.  Concern with AES and AS degrees
      5. Political Science – not ever having a good turnout at meetings, so we will work on that this summer
      6. Psychology – finishing 5 year Review


  1. New Business
    1. GECC Communications Panel C2 900 Revised:  Online Speech Course
      1. This has been about 5 years in the works.  Panel members have gone to organizations statewide.  This is their thoughts/proposal.
        1. This is an Accommodation.  These are the standards.
          1. Accommodation for whom?  Institution decides.
          2. Do schools have to offer the online course?  No
          3. Accommodation blended/hybrid?  Already covered.
          4. 2 sets of documentation must be turned in for review – panel must see online information.  Since this is an accommodation, institution must also submit face-to-face information.
          5. Why not a different identifier?  It isn’t a differing course, so doesn’t need a different identifier.
      2. Panel is comfortable, ready.  If Steering agrees, we will post on the website. 
      3.  Motion made by Emmanuel to accept, seconded by Heidi.
        1. Motion carried.
    2. Orientation
      1. Sub-committee will meet soon via conference call. 
      2. Website information will need to be updated also.
  2.  Old Business
    1. Policies & Procedures Manual update
      1. Brian Durham has many changes he wants made.
      2. Malinda & David will work on this next week, then with Board approval, it will come back to the sub-committee, then to Steering.
    2. IAI Retreat 2012
      1. Purpose – start communication on where IAI is, where it’s going, where should it go?
      2. Panel co-chairs heard from submitters what is involved, sometimes burdensome.
      3. Some things came out at the retreat that we want panels to do.
      4. What’s next?
        1. Will we continue to have a retreat?
        2. Would it be good to have Majors meet with their GECC discipline?
        3. Would Major representation on Steering be helpful?
        4. How can we show appreciation to panel members?
          1. Letter to Provost?
          2. Institution appreciation would help.


  1.  Continued Discussion Items
    1. 5 Year Review Purpose & Timeline
      1. 10 years for GenEd?
      2. We need a statement to define what it means, what needs to be done.
      3. Not necessarily written in stone – some panels will, some won’t.  Still need something written about “standards”.  Don’t need to be looking at every course.
    2. GECC and Major Panel Courses
      1. Overlapping
    3. Master and/or Representative Syllabi
    4. Quorum/consensus requirements for voting
    5. Prerequisites for GECC courses
    6. Items c, d, and e are all continuing, still up to panels.  Until fully staffed, can’t do anything.


  1.  Other Business



  1.  Scheduling of Next Meetings:
    1. Fall 2012 – Friday, November 16, 2012
    2. Spring 2013 – Friday, April 26, 2013 or Friday, May 3, 2013


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