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Meeting Summary for IAI Steering Panel Meeting
Illinois State University, Alumni Center, Room 118 in Normal, IL Thursday, May 1, 2014
Members present: : Malinda Aiello(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Lois Backas(Roosevelt University), Anne Birberick(Northern Illinois University), Lois Bishop(DePaul University), Lori Cinotte(Illinois Valley Community College), Sean Doyle(Moraine Valley Community College), Brian Durham(Illinois Community College Board), Polly Hoover(Wilbur Wright College (CCC)), Krista Jackson(iTransfer System ), Thedford Jackson(Highland Community College), Kristi Kuntz(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Janice Leuchtenberg(iTransfer System ), Marilyn Marshall(University of Illinois), Kelly McConnaughay(Bradley University), Sally Parry(Illinois State University), Lily Siu(Richland Community College)
Members present virtually: Mary Herrington-Perry(Eastern Illinois University), Mary Wright(Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
Members Absent: Steve Bennett(Western Illinois University), Dan Cullen(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Jeff Cutchin(Olney Central College (IECC)), Kris Harding(Illinois State University), Steve Kifowit(Prairie State College), Carl Lorenz(Parkland College), John Miller(Western Illinois University)



1.     Welcome & Introductions


2.     Updates

a.     GECC Panels

                                                    i.     GECC Life Sciences – Krista Jackson

1.     Didn’t have time to review New Ongoing Review Courses.  They will carry over to Fall.

2.     Many courses approved.

3.     Working with Biology Major re BIO 910.  It was decided that if these courses are approved by the Major panel, GECC panel won’t review them – they will automatically get the L1 910L code.  Krista and Janice will manually fix these over the summer.

                                                   ii.     GECC Humanities & Fine Arts – Sean Doyle

1.     Panel had over 100 courses to review – finished with a conference call.

2.     Some descriptors are outdated.  Panel wants to review, update, combine, etc.

3.     Panel wants more consistency between History courses and the GECC courses

                                                 iii.     GECC Physical Sciences – Krista Jackson and Brian Durham

1.     Panel spent most of their meeting time on reviewing courses.

2.     Joy Branlund created P9 901 – Interdisciplinary course – Environmental Science.  The panel unanimously approved the course descriptor and code.

3.     How does this impact the Life Sciences Environmental Biology course?  This will be looked into.

4.     Anatomy and Physiology type courses will be removed.  They are not considered to be GenEd Science courses.

                                                 iv.     GECC Communication – Lori Cinotte

1.     There were no big issues this semester.

2.     35 courses to review – few returns

3.     Technical Writing keeps coming up, and will continue to be discussed.

4.     In order to get feedback from 4 year institutions, attached at the bottom of these minutes is the syllabus from John A. Logan’s Technical Writing course – C1 900R – ENG 113  Professional Technical Writing.

                                                  v.     GECC Mathematics – Mary Wright

1.     Course review – 26 courses.

2.     Panel returned 10 (High number)

a.     Submitters appear to be not looking carefully at descriptors.

3.     New issue:  State Board of Education is changing licenture process for teachers.  All teachers must qualify in College Algebra and Statistics.  These are not IAI courses.  We should have something so transfer is seamless.

                                                 vi.     GECC Social & Behavioral Sciences – Lily Siu

1.     New members are oriented

2.     Over 50 out of 70 some approvals in course review

3.     Discussed consistency of approvals, etc.

4.     Some vague descriptors will be looked at

5.     Anthropology and Linguistics – possible new descriptor

b.     Transfer Coordinators – Thedford Jackson

                                                    i.     TJ is the outgoing 2 year co-chair of the TC’s, Anne Brennan is the incoming 2 year co-chair.

                                                   ii.     Updates at the meeting from:

1.     MyCreditsTransfer – Dena Lawrence

2.     IAI/iTransfer – Krista Jackson

3.     Reverse Transfer – Anne Brennan

                                                 iii.     Either at the Fall or Spring meeting, there will be a change in format – will be a “Birds of a Feather” type situation with breakout sessions based on either being 2 year and 4 year people or topics.

c.     IBHE – Malinda Aiello

                                                    i.     Early Childhood Education Panel’s first official meeting is tomorrow.

                                                   ii.     Teacher Education Panel is on hold

                                                 iii.     Panel membership – 4 year participation on panels is still a challenge

d.     ICCB – Brian Durham

                                                    i.     Pushing specific reforms in developmental education

                                                   ii.     This is coming out of Park, Common Core (Park is 3rd grade through 11th grade Assessment.  The goal is to replace ACT testing.)

e.     IAI/iTransfer – Krista Jackson

                                                    i.     IAI Website Programmer has left for another position at ISU.  The position has been posted since the end of March.  3 of the 5 applicants are highly qualified.  We are hoping to close the posting May 11 and start interviewing. We are keeping a list of changes/corrections that need to be made on the site

                                                   ii.     Many are not aware of the fact that Janice was out for 6 weeks this winter due to a heart attack.  She is doing very well now, but this made it hard for Krista to get everything done with the programmer position vacant also.


3.     Other Items

a.     Representative Syllabus

                                                    i.     Think about as a group what panels need re syllabi – Master?  No Master?

                                                   ii.     Put some guidelines out for institutions.

b.     Syllabi Analysis

                                                    i.     Even though this has some good points, it is cumbersome for panels.  The intention is for it to go away when a programmer is available to remove it.

1.     Maybe co-chairs can contact panel members and say “look at these when voting”.

2.     Maybe can leave it there but make it a non-checklist


c.     ECE Major Panel

                                                    i.     Discussed previously

d.     Policies & Procedures Update

                                                    i.     There really aren’t any updates – was just completed last year

e.     Ongoing Review

                                                    i.     Intention is to get out a rolling schedule – a couple of years worth


4.     Items From Members


5.     Other

a.     Looking into a GECC Credential


6.     Next Meeting is scheduled for Friday, December 5, 2014 at ISU Alumni Center, Room 116.






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