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Minutes for IAI Steering Panel Meeting
The Parke Hotel and Conference Center, Bloomington, IL Friday, November 11, 2011
Members present: : Malinda Aiello(Illinois Community College Board), Lois Backas(Roosevelt University), Anne Birberick(Northern Illinois University), Lois Bishop(DePaul University), Bob Blankenberger(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Sean Doyle(Moraine Valley Community College), Brian Durham(Illinois Community College Board), Margaret Dust(Chicago State University), Abhilasha Gupta(iTransfer System), Mary Herrington-Perry(Eastern Illinois University), Polly Hoover(Wilbur Wright College (CCC)), Krista Jackson(iTransfer System), Thedford Jackson(Highland Community College), David Knopp(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Janice Leuchtenberg(iTransfer System), Heidi Leuszler(Parkland College), Carl Lorenz(Parkland College), Marilyn Marshall(University of Illinois), John Miller(Western Illinois University), Sally Parry(Illinois State University), Emanuel Pollack(University of Illinois at Chicago), Lily Siu(Richland Community College)
Members present virtually:

No members

Members Absent: John Bennett(Lake Land College), Linda Dawkins(Southwestern Illinois College), Kris Harding(Illinois State University), Steve Kifowit(Prairie State College), Judith Marwick(Kankakee Community College), Lamata Mitchell(Rock Valley College), Dheeraj Vatti(iTransfer System), Julie Weishar(Parkland College), Mary Wright(Southern Illinois University Carbondale)


  1.  Welcome and Introductions


  1. Updates from GECC Co-Chairs and the Transfer Coordinators Committee
    1. John Miller – GECC Communication Panel
      1. Other than the usual, the panel is making a move toward an online speech course.  A sub-committee has been formed. Panel discussed potential issues, resistance.
    2. Ann Birberick – GECC Humanities and Fine Arts
      1. Course descriptors for Foreign Language courses is being re-written, so those courses have not been voted on yet.  A sub-committee has been formed to develop the descriptors.  A conference call meeting will be held Dec. 2 to hopefully vote on these courses.



  1. Heidi Leuszler – GECC Physical and Life Sciences
    1. Working on orientation packet for 6 new panel members.  Panel discussed complaints re agreement panel made in the Fall to return any course that lacked anything, even if there was a question not answered. 
    2. Panel plans to loosen restrictions somewhat.  It became apparent that there were too many forms to fill out on the website for course submission – old stuff, new stuff.
    3. A sub-committee will streamline the requested information – only 2 forms to fill out. Course submission form, and Lab form.
    4. Course descriptors need to be tweaked.
    5. GenEd should be the focus of the panel, but many courses aren’t GenEd.  Many courses need to have their own IAI code.  This is also being looked at by the panel.
  2. Mary Wright – GECC Mathematics (Mary not present)
  3. Margaret Dust & Lily Siu – GECC Social & Behavioral Sciences
    1. Panel’s biggest issue is membership.  They don’t feel they have enough “experts” on the panel.
    2. Panel got through ½ of courses at the meeting – will do the rest online.  If there is a tie vote, co-chairs will decide.
  4. Thedford Jackson - Transfer Coordinators
    1. A lot of informational updates
      1. What do we do about AES?  We aren’t a voting governing body. 
      2. If we, as a group, reach a consensus, where does that go?


  1. ICCB, IBHE, and IAI/iTransfer Updates
    1. IBHE – Dr. Bob Blankenberger
      1. Major Directive
        1. Tier I & II completed. 
        2. Tier III results given as a handout.  Main concern from results – need to change some English no’s to yes’s.
      2. Legislation – SB 00059
        1. Postponed at least until Spring.
        2. Hopefully the Major Directive will eliminate the need for legislation, but more legislation could be proposed.
        3. ICCB is officially neutral on SB 00059. 
        4. Scuttlebutt says it won’t go forward.  Was politically motivated as a “quick-fix” copy of a California bill.
      3. Completion Agenda
        1. Many (over 30) states accepted the Obama focus – Complete College America –by 2025, want 60% of Illinois adults to have a college degree or certificate.
          1. Strategies include changing time of degree through transfer.
          2. Illinois doesn’t have legislation – we have IAI.  Some say, “no legislation in Illinois?  Let’s get some!”
      4. Performance Funding
        1. Mid-process of recommendation.
        2. To devise system of performance metrics by which IBHE shall allocate funds to higher ed institutions.
        3. Community Colleges will be a different metric.  There is no current measure of that, which is a potential problem
        4. Bob has suggested completion of GECC to fulfill that need.
      5. Longtitudinal Data System
        1. Coming together.
        2. Needed for data warehouse.
        3. If a school gets MAP funds, they will have to report this data.
        4. A rule revision is in place – will be posted next week.  If accepted, it will increase transparency for rigor required for degree requirement.
      6. Realizing Illinois
        1.   Integrate higher ed and P12 approach that incorporates many education organizations.
        2. Description of what a student must take from 8th grade through higher ed.
        3. Will probably put in faculty members from Major panels to create this curriculum.
      7. State Board of Education will relinquish (if Gov. Quinn signs it) oversight of over 300 certificate granting institutions (from dog grooming to LPN). It will be a sub-group of IBHE.


  1. ICCB – Malinda Aiello
    1. Two committees
      1. President’s Counsil Curriculum Committee – will look at Major Directive for trends, etc.
      2. Articulation Workgroup – chief student officer type folks – looking for recurring themes in transfer issues.
    2. Looking to reconvene the Education Panel.
      1. AAT not working as intended.  Common Core is raising the bar.
      2. State Board looking to do away with certificate process – want to go with endorsements.
    3. Proposal from CAO’s.  Won’t work for all types of Sciences.
      1. Restructure AS degree with more Math and Science
      2. Restructure GenEd package, decrease hours from 9 to 6 in Social & Behavioral Science, and Humanities and Fine Arts.
    4. Panel Updates
      1. Four panels yet to meet.
      2. Malinda will host an IAI Administration Team meeting in early December to discuss programming issues, etc.
      3. Some schools are frustrated.  They feel they are being asked for too much information when submitting courses.  Some panels frustrated – they feel they can’t get the information they need to reach a decision on courses.
      4. Seeing low voting.  Is being on a panel too much work?


  1. IAI/iTransfer – Krista Jackson
    1. All but one of Krista’s panels both GECC and majors have met.  Some like the rubric, some don’t.
    2. The 5 year Review process involves thousands of courses.  Should we consider changing it to a continuous review process?
    3. Suggest possibly randomly selecting how many courses a panel can possibly review.  Once reviewed, that course is not in the pool for X number of years
    4. Maybe only request courses for Fall?  That gives a panel 2 semesters to get all the courses done.
    5. New website is about to be deployed – hopefully before the end of the year.


  1. New Business
    1. Policies and Procedures Manual
      1. Malinda reviewed the changes proposed by the subcommittee.
      2. Proposal by Sean - Next step:  Steering – formal vote in the Spring.  This gives members time to look at the draft
      3. Proposal – make the manual changes part of Web Review.
      4. Krista suggests including something about 5 year Review.
      5. Proposal – Steering making this a permanent subcommittee plus establishing a timeline – how often to review the Manual, etc.
    2. Revisit the charge of GECC Panels
      1. Are we still on track?
      2. Issues cannot be resolved today
      3. Retreat for Panel Co-Chairs in the Spring?  Depends on ISU to pay for.  Another issue is weather.  Online maybe?  Another institution volunteer to host?
      4. Need to look at the Steering Panel.  How do we hold an uncooperative institution accountable?
      5. Course Appeal
        1. We don’t have a formal appeal after all from IECC.
        2. Marilyn – what does the institution need to do to get the course approved?  It has been returned 5 times.
        3. Heidi – Physical & Life Sciences panel say that the course is not a GenEd course.


  1.  Other
    1. Handout – GECC Physical & Life Sciences Information Packet for New Course and 5 Year Review Approval
    2. Prerequisites for GECC courses
      1. A course can have prerequisites as long as the course isn’t in the discipline – unless it is part of a multi-course sequence.


  1.  Scheduling of Next Meetings:
    1. Spring 2012 – Friday, May 4, 2012
    2. Fall 2012 – Friday, November 16, 2012




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