IAI Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting Summary for April 2013


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Minutes for IAI Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting
Meyers-Evans Student Center, Carroll Family Alumni Room, Lincoln College, Lincoln, IL Tuesday, April 09, 2013
Members present: : Lois Bishop(DePaul University), Marcus Brown(Richland Community College), Dan Cullen(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Brian Durham(Illinois Community College Board), Kris Harding(Illinois State University), Krista Jackson(iTransfer System), Adam Julian(iTransfer System), Paula Knopp(Lincoln College), Janice Leuchtenberg(iTransfer System), Tom McGinnis(John A. Logan College), Sheryl Otto(Harper College), Rita Pearson(Eastern Illinois University), Jess Ray(Illinois State University), Rashid Robinson(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Samuel Wheeler(Illinois Community College Board), Kristine Young(Parkland College)
Members present virtually: Thedford Jackson(Highland Community College)
Members Absent: Mary Herrington-Perry(Eastern Illinois University), Marilyn Marshall(University of Illinois), Rick Pearce(Heartland Community College), Jeanne Washburn(University of St. Francis)



  1.  Introductions & Technology



  1. Updates
    1. ICCB – Brian Durham
      1. Starting with the Fall, we are trying a different plan for Panel Management – both Boards and iTransfer will have a presence at GECC panel meetings, and will divide between the 3 Major Panel management.
        1. Hopefully this will provide consistency for 5 year review, especially in the GenEds.
      2. Time constraints have delayed the Policies & Procedures Manual.  Hopefully there will be something for the Fall meeting.  Items to be included:
        1. Standards for 5 Year Review
        2. Requirement of Course Criteria for all panels
        3. Option for CAO designee if the CAO can’t serve
        4. Revisions to Transfer Coordinator panel members – maybe not requiring 3
        5. Terms of Service
      3. Early Childhood Education panel wants to reconvene, as well as and in conjunction with the Education Panel
      4. We are pursuing development of a GECC Credential for students, as well as credit for the institution
      5. It is time to spend some effort in the summer sending letters to term expired panel members thanking them for their service and releasing them.  This is a task that needs to be done annually.
    2. IBHE – Dan Cullen
      1. Panel Vacancies – IBHE Faculty Advisory Council is a good group to drum up people for participation in panels and they are excited to do it.
      2. Governors State Univ. is trying to become a Full Participant in IAI
      3. House Bill 2965 by Rep. Costello is essentially DOA. IAI fulfills what the bill called for.
    3. IAI/iTransfer – Krista Jackson
      1. Panel Managers can now send an email with attached documents, if needed, to panels
  2. Website Items – Krista Jackson
    1. Panel Related Documents page is better after some modifications, but still not great.
    2. Student Walk Through – we want to add Veterans
      1. Would like to do something similar for a merged Faculty/TC merger.  Could be called College & University Representatives
    3. The formatting of the Orientation page has been modified
    4. What comments can people see from recommendation section?
      1. We don’t show any.  If the institution calls Krista, she becomes the filter and removes personal information, inappropriate comments, etc.
    5. Mobile Site was demonstrated.  There is more to come – currently just voting in iManage
      1. Includes the option for panel members to email each other (which is also provided from the main site)
    6. Adam is looking into “forcing” new panel members to go through an Orientation session (like Ethics training from the State) before they can ever go into Course Review
    7. It would be good to have the 4 course decisions and what they mean in the Policies & Procedures Manual.
      1. We could make it as a pop-up when recommending course decisions
    8. Discussed the possibility of having an area on the site called About.  Could contain IAI information
      1. History
      2. Link to Policies & Procedures Manual
      3. Definition of Gen Ed
      4. Roles
      5. Orientation


  1. Items from Members
    1. What is the consequence of not submitting a requested course?
      1. No formal policy – timeframe never established
    2. How many times must a panel look at a particular course before enough is enough? (eg 3 strikes and you’re out)
      1. Resubmit the course x number of times.  After that they must include a letter?
      2. Would be nice to have a count of number  of submissions and a history of decisions for panel to see when recommending


  1. Transfer Coordinator Meeting is next Tuesday (4/16/13) at ISU Alumni Center, Room 116. 


  1. Fall IAC Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at Lincoln College.

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