IAI Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting Summary for April 2015


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Meeting Summary for IAI Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting
Lincoln College, Lincoln, IL, Meyers-Evans Student Center, Carroll Family Alumni Room Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Members present: : Malinda Aiello(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Ashley Becker(Illinois Community College Board), Lois Bishop(DePaul University), Anne Brennan(City Colleges of Chicago), Marcus Brown(Richland Community College), Thedford Jackson(Highland Community College), Janice Leuchtenberg(iTransfer System ), Tom McGinnis(John A. Logan College), Sheryl Otto(Harper College), Rita Pearson(Eastern Illinois University), Richard Stillwell(iTransfer System ), Kristine Young(Parkland College)
Members present virtually:

No members

Members Absent: Dan Cullen(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Brian Durham(Illinois Community College Board), Mary Herrington-Perry(Eastern Illinois University), Krista Jackson(iTransfer System ), Paula Knopp(Lincoln College), Marilyn Marshall(University of Illinois), Richard Pearce(Heartland Community College), Jess Ray(Illinois State University)


Others in attendance:  Pam Lau (Parkland College), Kathy Van Ormer (University of Illinois Chicago)


  1.  Introductions & Technology


  1. IAI Updates

    1. Early Childhood Education Panel has reconvened.  They have their first descriptor on the site and have reviewed their first set of courses.  They hope to add another descriptor by Fall 2015.  Their major page on the website isn’t complete yet – further information to come from the panel, hopefully by Fall.

    2. GECC Social & Behavioral Sciences Panel and GECC Humanities and Fine Arts Panel are separating out their History courses to put everything on the same page for both panels.

    3. GECC Mathematics Panel is working with IMACC to remove the geometry prereq barrier from 4 of the 5 sequences.  This process will take some time to complete.




  2. Board Information and Updates

    1. Form 13 – needs to be electronic or manual signatures.  No more typed names will be accepted.  This is for the protection of students.  This will be discussed next week at the Transfer Coord. Meeting.

    2. AS Degree – switching hours for GenEd package to shorten time for degree.  Approved through CAO’s and the President’s Council.  Some changes to the original proposal, but it is moving forward.

    3. Military Transfer Credit – ICCB is getting ready to roll out another version to approximately 6 colleges, we’ll see what they come up with.

    4. PARCC – Cao’s voted:

      1. Scores of 4 and 5 – student is college ready for credit bearing coursework

      2. Score of 3 – student is on the edge, use further placement

    5. IBHE has moved their offices


  3. iTransfer.org

    1. Shouldn’t an entire sequence of courses be called at the same time?  Richard will look at the programming to see if the “random selection” of courses can be modified for sequences.  It also needs to take into consideration if one course of the sequence is already approved.

    2. We have been in “recovery mode” with Richard fully on board and making major progress on learning the site and making improvements and corrections as needed.

    3. Mobile website needs major improvements, will be coming in the future.

    4. Our servers will be going virtual as opposed to physical boxes

    5. We are considering breaking the website apart so that students access a different site to ease some of the being over-whelmed by the site


  1. Items From Members

    1. Kris Young – no announcement, but this is probably her last meeting because she will probably be moving to a new position probably soon

    2. Transfer Coordinator Meeting Agenda – Amanda Sutton has taken another position so won’t be serving as the new 4 year co-chair.  Kristin Smigielski (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) has been approached and has accepted the position.  Jess Ray (Illinois State University) will be the co-chair for this meeting, but won’t be in attendance.

    3. Possible PTK presentation

    4. Possible Breakout Session

    5. Reverse Transfer – how do we proceed?

      1. NIU has signed agreements with several community colleges.

      2. GECC really needs to be completed with IAI courses

      3. If not IAI approved, some schools won’t accept.  Course still fulfills GenEd, just isn’t IAI approved.

      4. As an advisory committee, what can we do to improve the situation?

        1. Each institution is creating their own policy.  This isn’t fair, isn’t logical

        2. Ashley will look at rules.  If none there, boards will decide if they need to announce a determination.


  2. FALL IAC Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2015 at Lincoln College, Meyers-Evans Student Center, Carroll Family Alumni Room.  TC Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at ISU Alumni Center, Room 118.

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