IAI Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting Summary for November 2014


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Meeting Summary for IAI Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting
Lincoln College, Lincoln, IL, Meyers-Evans Student Center, Carroll Family Alumni Room Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Members present: : Malinda Aiello(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Ashley Becker(Illinois Community College Board), Lois Bishop(DePaul University), Anne Brennan(City Colleges of Chicago), Marcus Brown(Richland Community College), Mary Herrington-Perry(Eastern Illinois University), Krista Jackson(iTransfer System ), Paula Knopp(Lincoln College), Janice Leuchtenberg(iTransfer System ), Marilyn Marshall(University of Illinois), Tom McGinnis(John A. Logan College), Sheryl Otto(Harper College), Rita Pearson(Eastern Illinois University), Jess Ray(Illinois State University), Richard Stillwell(iTransfer System )
Members present virtually:

No members

Members Absent: Dan Cullen(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Brian Durham(Illinois Community College Board), Kris Harding(Illinois State University), Thedford Jackson(Highland Community College), Richard Pearce(Heartland Community College), Kristine Young(Parkland College)



  1.  Introductions & Technology


  1. IAI Updates

    1. Richard Stillwell wants to revamp the IAI/iTransfer website and asks for input to ease users’ jobs. 

      1. Any suggestions should be sent to iai@itransfer.org – Krista, Richard, and Janice all get those emails.

      2. Please include links in emails, browser being used when reporting errors.

      3. Attached files sometimes have issues. If so, please right-click the file and open it in Microsoft Word.  That usually works.

      4. According to Marilyn, Chad from MyCreditsTransfer is very appreciative of Richard’s efforts for them.

      5. Boards want to oversee any changes.


    2. We are over half done with panel meetings for this semester.


  1. Personnel Changes/Absences

    1. Sam Wheeler is gone – Ashley Becker is now with ICCB

    2. Adam Julian is gone – Richard Stillwell is now with IAI


  2. iTransfer.org

    1. Mass Communication Panel wants to split their 916 course into A & B like Math.  Studio-focused and Field-focused courses are desired.

    2. Political Science wants to end their S5901 course as no course has ever been approved with that identifier.

    3. Humanities and Fine Arts are looking at all descriptors

    4. Engineering wants to revamp some things with the AES degree

    5. One panel member requests that she be counted as present at the meeting since she voted on courses.

      1. Official voting is done at the meeting not beforehand.

      2. Krista will check the Policies & Procedures, notify her of the decision and copy the boards on it.


  1. Items From Members

    1. Tom – panels requiring 2 syllabi being provided with submissions vs 1 syllabi

      1. 4 year institutions don’t have a master syllabus

      2. We should let the institution decide what to submit

      3. Do we need to clearly define a laundry list that applies to all panels?

      4. Requiring 2 increases the chances of disagreement between the 2 syllabi

      5. We need to make a proposal to the Steering Panel for a vote on taking the position that only 1 syllabus is required for submission, and the institution decides

      6. Transfer/articulation is not an exact science

      7. If we require a master syllabus, we must issue a statement to institutions that they must create master syllabi

      8. Academic Trust.  We must assume that the syllabus presented is what is being taught.

      9. Consider the creation of a form with all fields required – except Science panels?

      10. Create Model Sample Syllabi but can’t require institutions to use

      11. Institutions may still submit 2 syllabi to cover all material needed, but we will only require 1.

      12. Need to have conversation with all co-chairs of what they really need.

    2. Do all major panels require course number and title for prerequisites?  Yes.

    3. Where is the push for legislation to reduce required hours to 60 for degree?

      1. Thought is, better map of non IAI/GenEd courses. 

      2. Concern over reducing hours is that students may not be able to complete in 2 years because courses needed for programs are missing.

      3. All Associate degrees or just AE & AS?

      4. Ashley is checking

    4. Jess – Registrar at NIU is an advocate of Reverse Transfer

      1. Anne is hoping for discussion at TC meeting, wants permission for information to be given in transfer (checkboxes in admission)

        1. Involves FERPA permission

        2. Data Exchange

          1. Clearinghouse has a million dollar grant to fine a way to share data that isn’t transcripts

    5. Early Childhood Education – this summer, the panel convened via conference call.

      1. General overview of IAI

      2. Talked through 6 original courses, tried to narrow for now

      3. Met in person this Fall

        1. Huge turnout

        2. Working through a couple of courses

      4. Probably a year from now, 1 or 2 courses can be submitted for review

    6. The University of Hawaii has contacted iTransfer as a best practices in transfer website

      1. They plan to have more questions in the future

    7. Speech Com and Sociology want their majors brought back since Early Childhood Ed came back

    8. Need a 4 year co-chair for TC’s since Kris Harding has resigned due to accepting a new position.

      1. Kris’ term is up in Spring

      2. Options:

        1. Interim co-chair until Spring

        2. Get a volunteer in the next 2 weeks before the TC meeting 11-18-14

      3. Kris is doing the meeting, so an Agenda item can be the election

      4. Jess was asked to do the Interim Spring meeting.

      5. Nominations will be at this Fall meeting 11-18-14

    9. Reverse Transfer will be a topic for discussion at the TC meeting.

      1. People will be broken down into 3 regional groups with facilitators to be asked 4 questions.

  2. Spring IAC Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 7, 2015 at Lincoln College.  TC Meeting will try to be scheduled for Tuesday, April 14, 2015.

    Fall IAC Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday November 3, 2015 at Lincoln College.  TC Meeting will try to be scheduled for Tuesday, November 10, 2015.

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