IAI Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting Summary for November 2013


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Minutes for IAI Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting
Meyers-Evans Student Center, Carroll Family Alumni Room, Lincoln College, Lincoln, IL Tuesday, November 05, 2013
Members present: : Malinda Aiello(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Lois Bishop(DePaul University), Marcus Brown(Richland Community College), Kris Harding(Illinois State University), Krista Jackson(iTransfer System), Thedford Jackson(Highland Community College), Adam Julian(iTransfer System), Paula Knopp(Lincoln College), Janice Leuchtenberg(iTransfer System), Marilyn Marshall(University of Illinois), Tom McGinnis(John A. Logan College), Sheryl Otto(Harper College), Richard Pearce(Heartland Community College), Rita Pearson(Eastern Illinois University), Jess Ray(Illinois State University), Samuel Wheeler(Illinois Community College Board)
Members present virtually:

No members

Members Absent: Dan Cullen(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Brian Durham(Illinois Community College Board), Mary Herrington-Perry(Eastern Illinois University), Jeanne Washburn(University of St. Francis), Kristine Young(Parkland College)




  1.  Introductions & Technology



  1. IAI Updates
    1. Policies & Procedures Manual
      1. ICCB, IBHE, and iTransfer had a very busy summer
        1. Changes to the way IAI functions
      2. Responsibilities of all persons involved with IAI
      3. IAC Panel – Are we currently working on a focused study as Manual requires?  No.  Do we see opportunities to do so?
        1. Suggested – can we determine how IAI works in the real world?  (this was done in 2006 showing a positive effect)
        2. Suggested – the percentage of courses by panel and institution that are approved to help panels make needed changes? Possibly to create institutional mentorship?
          1. Lois did a similar study – much time is involved. Her study required 30 hours/course
          2. Rick Pearce reported that the CAO’s have started their own study based on quantity of information panels are requesting.  This is a useful study, but may not be appropriate for this group.
      4. The point is, if the manual doesn’t properly reflect roles, it should be revised.
        1. Suggested – the request for a study should come from the Boards – not from the Steering Panel.
        2. Suggested – maybe “Study” should be changed to “Reviews”
      5. We have had conversations with all the panels – “why do you need to know that?”
      6. Our strongest support comes from CAO’s and Transfer Coordinators.  We need more of them who are active.
      7. GECC was intended to be a package.  Institutions pretty much accept courses as equivalent.  Therefore panels aren’t looking at courses as GenEds.  They are looking at as equivalencies.
      8. Suggested – we need to have a diverse workshop to work on orientation in order to change things.  To include Transfer Coordinators, CAO’s, 4 yr similar designees, GECC Co-Chairs, etc.
        1. Volunteers:  Someone from Parkland, Marcus Brown, Rick Pearce
    2. Ongoing Course Review
      1. Plan to create a form, in order to narrow down what is looked at.  This would be a good discussion item at a Workshop.
    3. Panel Member Term Limits
      1. Despite some unhappiness with panel members, it is time to enforce this and has begun this semester with no more than 3 or so members per semester.
      2. We are encouraged by CAO’s to bring in new faces.  Have received over 100 names.
      3. Identified panel members of 10 yrs or so with expired terms, contacted them by phone prior to their meeting to inform them that we are very grateful for their service – not meant to be a lifetime appointment, encouraged to re-submit their names if they really want to stay
    4. Changes to Individual Panels
      1. IT – not meeting this semester, will evaluate future meetings
      2. ECE – panel is forming.  Target start date for course review is Spring 2014
      3. Physical & Life Science – panel actually operated as 2 separate panels, so they have now been split into 2 panels
    5. iTransfer.org
      1. The new site will be launched late this year/early next year.
      2. The worksheet on the site that students can complete will now be available as a .pdf file that can be saved, etc.
      3. There will now be an announcement banner at the top of the homepage
      4. Panel Related Documents page will be extremely simplified – there will be a drop-down by Panel with 2 options for documents (Current or Archived).
      5. Reminders will automatically be sent out by the system each Monday for anything the user has pending.
  2. Panel Member Participation
    1. Part of the reason for enforcing term limits is an effort to get more participation.
    2. Most participants are from Community Colleges.  We need more participation from 4 yrs.
  3. Other
    1. CCC Submissions – would it be more appropriate for them to submit as 1 institution?
      1. IECC, as do Univ of IL and CCC, currently submit for each institution.
      2. How can they demonstrate that they are doing things as a system instead of as 7 different institutions?
      3. We would need a formal proposal and a statement that all entities are treated alike (ICCB, Form 13, etc.)
    2. Biology has been approving courses with 1 hour lab separate from lecture.  This isn’t right – if they pass the lab but fail the lecture, they are still considered to have received the credit for the course.


  1. Transfer Coordinator Meeting is next Tuesday (4/12/13) at ISU Alumni Center, Room 118. 


  1. Spring IAC Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at Lincoln College.


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