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Meeting Summary for IAI Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting
Lincoln College, Lincoln, IL, Meyers-Evans Student Center, Carroll Family Alumni Room Tuesday, April 05, 2016
Members present: : Malinda Aiello(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Lois Bishop(DePaul University), Anne Brennan(City Colleges of Chicago), Krista Jackson(iTransfer System ), Paula Knopp(Lincoln College), Janice Leuchtenberg(iTransfer System ), Marilyn Marshall(University of Illinois), Tom McGinnis(John A. Logan College), Sheryl Otto(Harper College), Rita Pearson(Eastern Illinois University), Richard Stillwell(iTransfer System )
Members present virtually:

No members

Members Absent: Ashley Becker(Illinois Community College Board), Marcus Brown(Richland Community College), Dan Cullen(Illinois Board of Higher Education), Brian Durham(Illinois Community College Board), Thedford Jackson(Highland Community College), Jess Ray(Illinois State University)


1.         Introductions


2.         IAI Updates – Krista Jackson

a.         (Major) Mass Communication Panel changing to Media and Communication Arts Panel. 

i.          5 New Descriptors.

ii.         Submissions for Fall

iii.         There are panel vacancies, will try to fill for these new disciplines


3.         Board Information and Updates

a.         IAI/AP Meetings

i.          3, 4, or 5 score on AP exams for credit to be given is the new legislation.  The institution decides how to give that credit.

ii.         Panels are not creating something to match AP.  Just seeing if any course matches AP exam.

iii.         Institutions do not have to abide by panel decisions re AP – we don’t know yet.  Not IAI problem.

iv.        Institutions will have to post disclaimers on their websites – they might not accept that credit.

b.         SB 2505 – Amendment – includes International Baccalaureate credit now.  Guarantees college credit for scores of 4 or above.

c.         SB 3301 Amendment – ICCB Board Chair approves of this – it legislates IAI.

i.          Latest spin – another way to preserve integrity of GECC package

ii.         Still changing – changed again yesterday.

d.         IAI IAC and Steering Committees

i.          Functions, Membership, Meetings – handout comparing these for the 2 committees

ii.         End of Season meeting – budget, in-person meetings, etc. led us to this conversation

iii.         Old way doesn’t work anymore.  We have to be efficient and effective.

iv.        Duplication in membership.  Tone of meetings is different.  IAC is honest, open discussion.  Steering is mostly reports and updates, policy driven.

v.         Steering is “court of appeals” on course returns, which has happened once.

vi.        Each will migrate to in-person meeting once a year.  E.g. Steering in the Spring, IAC in the Fall with a conference call in the other season, at least for one year and we’ll see how that goes.

vii.        IAC will meet this Fall, will try a conference call in the Spring.


4.         iTransfer.org – Richard Stillwell

a.         Trying to update iTransfer site.  Is a 2 stage process – re-design and reconfigure.

b.         Virtual Server re-structure of servers is coming. 

i.          Currently we have physical servers for Development and Production.  Mail is hosted on Production server.  This needs to be isolated so that if one goes down we don’t lose both.

1.         Faster, better recovery time, etc.

c.         Break out iManage from iTransfer

i.          Sheryl – strong search engine is important

ii.         Lois – have a few people review before eliminating things based on usage

iii.         Anne – bookmarking ability within iManage or A-Z

iv.        Most regquently used links for student side

v.         Paula – if simplified, there will need to be disclaimers





5.         Items From Members

a.         Anne – TC Agenda

i.          Legislature to be addressed in the morning by Ashley

ii.         Tom suggests introducing and summarizing AP new “rules” including IB

iii.         Lois will look for information and send to Malinda regarding Regional GECC packages


6.         Fall IAC Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday November 8, 2016 at Lincoln College, Meyers-Evans Student Center, Carroll Family Alumni Room.  TC Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at Heartland Community College.


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