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Agenda for Major Psychology Panel Meeting
Heartland Community College, Normal, IL CCB Building, Room 2012 Friday, October 14, 2011 10:00 AM
Attendees: William Addison (Eastern Illinois University) ,Malinda Aiello (Illinois Community College Board) ,Jason Barker (University of Illinois at Springfield) ,Bob Blankenberger (Illinois Board of Higher Education) ,Teresa Bossert (McHenry County College) ,David Das (Elgin Community College) ,David DiLalla (Southern Illinois University Carbondale) ,Margaret Dust (Chicago State University) ,Steve Dworkin (Western Illinois University) ,Abhilasha Gupta (iTransfer System) ,Ruth Hallongren (Triton College) ,Naheed Hasan (College of DuPage) ,Sarah Hein (Prairie State College) ,Krista Jackson (iTransfer System) ,Krista Jackson (iTransfer System) ,Janice Leuchtenberg (iTransfer System) ,Betsy Meinz (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) ,Joseph Mustari (Wilbur Wright College (CCC)) ,John Scarbrough (Lincoln Land Community College) ,John Skowronski (Northern Illinois University) ,Dheeraj Vatti (iTransfer System) ,Amy Williamson (Moraine Valley Community College) ,Gary Wszalek (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)


Agenda for IAI (Major) PSYCHOLOGY PANEL Meeting

Heartland Community College, Community Commons Building,

Room 2012, Normal, IL

Friday, October 14, 2011 10am to 2:30pm


1.     Be sure technology is working for remote meeting participants and introductions for in-person and remote participants.

2.     Course Review:

5 Year Course

Institution Name

Course Name

Black Hawk College

PSY905:PSYC 250 Abnormal Psychology

Daley College (Richard J.) (CCC)

PSY905:PSYCH 213 Abnormal Psychology

Danville Area Community College

PSY905:PSYC 230 Abnormal Psychology

Eastern Illinois University

PSY905:PSY 3780 Abnormal Psychology

Frontier Community College (IECC)

PSY905:PSY 2111 Abnormal Psychology

Harper College

PSY905:PSY 230 Abnormal Psychology

Illinois Valley Community College

PSY905:PSY 2006 Abnormal Psychology

Joliet Junior College

PSY905:PSYC 205 Abnormal Psychology

Joliet Junior College

PSY907:PSYC 207 Psychology of Personality

Kishwaukee College

PSY905:PSY 216 Abnormal Psychology

5 Year Course

Institution Name

Course Name

Lincoln Land Community College

PSY905:PSY 250 Abnormal Psychology

Lincoln Trail College (IECC)

PSY905:PSY 2111 Abnormal Psychology

Malcolm X College (CCC)

PSY905:PSYCH 0087-213 Abnormal Psychology

Northeastern Illinois University

PSY905:PSYC 340 Abnormal Psychology

Olney Central College (IECC)

PSY905:PSY 2111 Abnormal Psychology

Prairie State College

PSY905:PSYCH 203 Abnormal Psychology

Richland Community College

PSY905:PSYCH 280 Abnormal Psychology

Southwestern Illinois College

PSY905:PSYC 259 Abnormal Psychology

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

PSY905:PSYC 238 Abnormal Psych

Wabash Valley College (IECC)

PSY905:PSY 2111 Abnormal Psychology

Waubonsee Community College

PSY905:PSY 240 Abnormal Psychology

Wilbur Wright College (CCC)

PSY905:PSYCH 213 Abnormal Psychology

Resubmitted courses as of Thursday, October 06, 2011

There are 2 resubmitted courses awaiting voting for Last 1 Year

5 Year Course

Institution Name

Course Name

Kankakee Community College

PSY905:PSYC 2513 Abnormal Psychology

Kankakee Community College

PSY905:PSYC 2513 Abnormal Psychology

3.     IAI Major Directive Responses – Round 2

a.    See memo on website at:

4.     Statewide Transfer Updates

5.     Other

a.    IAI Policies and Procedures

b.    Website Facelift

c.    Activities and updates at members’ institutions

d.    Questions and concerns

AnyMeeting Information:

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