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Agenda for Major Mass Communication Panel Meeting
CONFERENCE CALL and WEBINAR Friday, March 25, 2016 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Attendees: Malinda Aiello (Illinois Board of Higher Education) ,Ashley Becker (Illinois Community College Board) ,Thomas Chamblin (Southwestern Illinois College) ,Linda Chapman (Lewis & Clark Community College) ,Antoinette/Toni Countryman (McHenry County College) ,Leslie Daugherty (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) ,Christina Farwell (John Wood Community College) ,John Geraci (South Suburban College) ,David Gunkel (Northern Illinois University) ,Gary Hale (Illinois Central College) ,Steven Hunt (Illinois State University) ,Krista Jackson (iTransfer System ) ,Peter Jorgensen (Western Illinois University) ,Adam Julian (iTransfer System ) ,Janice Leuchtenberg (iTransfer System ) ,Chris List (Chicago State University) ,Rick Lorenc (University of St. Francis) ,Jay Martinson (Olivet Nazarene University) ,Seth McClellan (Triton College) ,Kendra McClure (Parkland College) ,Michael Murray (Western Illinois University) ,Holly Norton (Spoon River College) ,Greg Powers (Lake Land College) ,Sally Renaud (Eastern Illinois University) ,Brian Shelton (Harper College) ,Richard Stillwell (iTransfer System ) ,Molly Turner (Harold Washington College (CCC)) ,Jim Yeager (Highland Community College) ,Ali Zohoori (Bradley University)



1. Introductions & Technology, Welcome New Members


2. Training, Orientation & Updates


3. Course Review


New Courses - 4 course(s)

Resubmitted New Courses - 0 course(s)

Ongoing Review Courses - 11 course(s)

Resubmitted Ongoing Review Courses - 1 course(s)


New Courses - 4 course(s)

MC911: Kennedy-King College (CCC): 152: English - Introduction to Mass Communications
MC917: University of Illinois at Springfield: COM 352: Visual Storytelling and Reporting
MC921: Harper College: MCM 205: Multi-Platform Photojournalism
MC923: Harper College: WEB 150: Web Foundations

Resubmitted New Courses

No Courses

Ongoing Review Courses
MC911: Moraine Valley Community College: JRN 101: Intro to Mass Communication
MC912: Southern Illinois University Carbondale: JRNL 301: Principles of Advertising/IMC
MC919: College of Lake County: ENG 124: Newswriting I
MC919: Eastern Illinois University: JOU 2101: Newswriting I
MC919: Western Illinois University: JOUR 231: Reporting for the Mass Media I
MC919: John A. Logan College: JRN 201: Newswriting & Editing I
MC919: Illinois Valley Community College: JRN 1002: Reporting
MC919: Harper College: MCM 130: Introduction to Journalism
MC919: Illinois Central College: JOURN 122: Beginning Reporting
MC919: Lincoln Trail College (IECC): JLM 1121: Newswriting I
MC919: Moraine Valley Community College: JRN 111: Newswriting I

Resubmitted Ongoing Review Courses
MC917: Parkland College: COM 106: Broadcast Writing

4. Course Approval Criteria and Submission Process - Review materials 


5. Items from Panel Members

  • New Name for Panel

  • Review new descriptions

    Interpersonal Communication:
    An introduction to the basic theories and concepts relevant to face-to-face interaction. Emphasis is placed on the role of communication in the creation, maintenance, and termination of social, romantic, familial, and professional relationships.

    Small Group Communication:
    An introduction to the theory and practice of small group communication. Emphasis is placed on the nature of groups, leadership, and group types. Students are expected to demonstrate both practical and theoretical understanding of problem-solving, information-providing, decision making, and conflict management.

    Organizational Communication:
    Survey of the major communication functions in organizations and their relationship to personnel, administrative, technological, and social factors.  Designed to enhance students’ basic communication knowledge and skills in an organization.

    Intercultural Communication:
    Examines how culture influences the communication process including values, beliefs, norms, linguistic and nonverbal differences between cultures, cultural bias, ethnocentrism, globalization, and cultural adjustment. Review major theories of intercultural communication and the practical approaches to communicating more effectively with persons from other cultures.

    Principles of critical thinking, argumentation, and advocacy and their expression in a variety of media. Students will develop an understanding of how arguments function to influence attitudes, values, and behaviors in our public culture with an emphasis on the nature of argument, proofs and evidence, constructing arguments, fallacies of argument, and the use of logical and persuasive reasoning.


6. Date for Next Meeting – Thursday, November 3rd at ISU's Alumni Center, Room 119 in Normal, IL


The IAI Media Arts and Communication Studies major panel will meet on Friday, March 25th at 10 am via CONFERENCE CALL AND WEBINAR. For more information regarding agenda/meeting items, contact the panel manager, Krista Jackson at, ph#309-438-8640. For questions about the venue, contact Janice Leuchtenberg at, ph #309-438-7114.

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