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Agenda for Major Mathematics Panel Meeting
ISU Alumni Center, Room 119 Thursday, April 11, 2013 10:00 AM
Attendees: Michelle Bauer (Lincoln College) ,Mark Beintema (College of Lake County) ,Donna Carlson (College of Lake County) ,Sunil Chebolu (Illinois State University) ,John Chisholm (Western Illinois University) ,Dan Cullen (Illinois Board of Higher Education) ,Tracy Goodall (Illinois Board of Higher Education) ,Tim Grant (Southwestern Illinois College) ,Bernie Harris (Northern Illinois University) ,Rodger Hergert (Rock Valley College) ,Krista Jackson (iTransfer System) ,Krzysztof Jarosz (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) ,Adam Julian (iTransfer System) ,Herbert Kasube (Bradley University) ,Sunil Koswatta (Harper College) ,Janice Leuchtenberg (iTransfer System) ,Jack Mummert (Southeastern Illinois College) ,Robert Muncaster (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) ,Paul Musial (Chicago State University) ,Peter Nodzenski (Black Hawk College) ,Jon Odell (Richland Community College) ,Rashid Robinson (Illinois Board of Higher Education) ,Marcia Wallace (South Suburban College) ,Samuel Wheeler (Illinois Community College Board) ,Mary Wright (Southern Illinois University Carbondale)


  1. Introductions & Technology


  1. Course Review



35 courses




Illinois State University

MAT 175: Elementary Linear Algebra



Rend Lake College

MATH 2108: Linear Algebra





John Wood Community College

MAT 251: Differential Equations





University of St. Francis

MATH 275: Linear Algebra





Rock Valley College

MTH 240: Differential Equations



Sauk Valley Community College

MAT 211: Differential Equations



Southwestern Illinois College

MATH 290: Differential Equations



John A. Logan College

MAT 205: Differential Equations



Elgin Community College

MTH 202: Intro. to Differential Equations



Kankakee Community College

MATH 2613: Differential Equations



Waubonsee Community College

MTH 240: Differential Equations



College of Lake County

MTH 227: Differential Equations



Kishwaukee College

MAT 260: Differential Equations





Southeastern Illinois College

MATH 224: Linear Algebra





Kaskaskia College

MATH 269: Differential Equations



Wilbur Wright College (CCC)

MATH 210: Differential Equations




Western Illinois University

MATH 333: Ordinary Differential Equations



Spoon River College

MAT 265: Differential Equations





Malcolm X College (CCC)

MATHEMATICS 0045: Math 212: Linear Algebra





Danville Area Community College

MATH 211: Differential Equations



Frontier Community College (IECC)

MTH 2181: Differential Equations



Lincoln Trail College (IECC)

MTH 2181: Differential Equations



Olney Central College (IECC)

MTH 2181: Differential Equations



Wabash Valley College (IECC)

MTH 2181: Differential Equations



Illinois State University

MAT 340: Differential Equations I



Joliet Junior College

MATH 220: Differential Equations/Orthogonal Functions



Rend Lake College

MATH 2130: Differential Equations




Lewis & Clark Community College

MATH 272: Differential Equations



South Suburban College

MTH 205: Differential Equations



Moraine Valley Community College

MTH 201: Differential Equations



Black Hawk College

MATH 235: Differential Equations



Northeastern Illinois University

MATH 301: Differential Equations I



Olive-Harvey College (CCC)

MATH 210: Differential Equations



Eastern Illinois University

MAT 3501: Differential Equations I



Heartland Community College

MATH 272: Differential Equations




  1. Review Conditionally Approved Courses submitted and try to make decisions on them


  1. Updates
    1. Statewide Information - Below is a link to HB 2965 sponsored by Rep. Costello, which is a Higher Education Core Transfer Library bill.


  1. IAI Information
  2. Personnel Changes
  3. Course Approval Criteria (see attached)
  4. Items From Members (see attached message from GECC Math Panel Co-Chair Steve Kifowit)



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IAI Math Panel Meeting - Thursday, April 11th, from 10 to 2:30 pm at ISU Alumni Center, Room 119

Thursday, April 11, 2013
10:00 AM - 2:30 PM Central Time (Add to Calendar)

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Personal message from iTransfer/IAI meetings

Our Math Major Panel meeting will be Thursday, April 11th from 10 to 2:30 pm at ISU's Alumni Center, Room 119 in Normal, IL. The meeting will be broadcast for remoting members via AnyMeeting.  This email is to allow you to register for the Anymeeting webinar if you cannot attend in person.  We will also have a conference call available via our conferencing services at 309-438-1000, access code 2202.  Please register through the links if you plan to attend remotely.



Krista Jackson

IAI/iTransfer Coordinator



Lori and Linda,


For several years the IAI GECC math panel has struggled with an acceptable description for Business Calculus.  In particular, the importance of multi-variable calculus has been hotly debated.  The current business calculus (M1-900 B) description is:


This calculus course is designed specifically for students in business and the social sciences and does not count toward a major or minor in mathematics. It emphasizes applications of the basic concepts of calculus rather than proofs. Topics must include limits; techniques of differentiation applied to polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions; partial derivatives and applications; maxima and minima of functions; and elementary techniques of integration including substitution and integration by parts.  Business and social science applications are stressed throughout the course. Prerequisite: College Algebra with a grade of C or better.


My question concerns "partial derivatives and applications."  The vagueness of this topic is meant to give schools/faculty some choice in how they best want to handle multi-variable calculus.  The IAI GECC math panel recently heard that Elgin CC's business calculus will not transfer (as business calculus) to UIUC because it does not specifically include the topic of multi-variable function optimization via Lagrange multipliers.


From your panel's point of view, do you have any advice on which multi-variable calculus topics are of the utmost importance.  Is the method of Lagrange multipliers so important in business applications that my panel is being remiss in not specifically listing it? 


Thank you so much for your comments.




Steve Kifowit

IAI GECC Math Panel Co-chair

Prairie State College





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