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Agenda for Major History Panel Meeting
Conference Call and Web Conference Friday, September 30, 2016 11:00 to 12:30 PM
Attendees: Malinda Aiello (Illinois Board of Higher Education) ,Raymond Barnett (University of Illinois at Springfield) ,Ashley Becker (Illinois Community College Board) ,Todd Brereton (Heartland Community College) ,Ute Chamberlin (Western Illinois University) ,Steven DePasquale (Kankakee Community College) ,Valerie Garver (Northern Illinois University) ,Ron Gifford (Illinois State University) ,David Golland (Governors State University) ,Greg Gordon (College of Lake County) ,Matt Greider (Lake Land College) ,Michael Harkins (Harper College) ,Marc Hertzman (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) ,Krista Jackson (iTransfer System ) ,Marsh Jones (Parkland College) ,Adam Julian (iTransfer System ) ,Janice Leuchtenberg (iTransfer System ) ,Janice Leuchtenberg (iTransfer System ) ,James McIntyre (Moraine Valley Community College) ,Kelly Obernuefemann (Lewis & Clark Community College) ,Steve Rea (Southeastern Illinois College) ,Derek Shouba (Morton College) ,Jeffrey Spanbauer (Illinois Valley Community College) ,Joe Sramek (Southern Illinois University) ,Richard Stillwell (iTransfer System )


1. Introductions & Technology, Welcome New Members

2. Items for Discussion

  • Transfer and the major
  • GECC course discussion  - update and discussion regarding revisions being considered by both the HFA and SBS panels for history courses.  This revision is not yet approved nor confirmed by either panel.  Krista will send information over email and present document via web conference.
  • 2-year co-chair position vacant
  • Items from members

3. Dates for Next Meetings – Thursday, September 28th, 2017 or Friday, September 29th, 2017?

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