Major Early Childhood Education Panel Agenda


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Agenda for Major Early Childhood Education Panel Meeting
ANYMEETING AND PHONE CONFERENCE - Details to follow! Thursday, March 26, 2015 11:00AM to 11:30 AM
Attendees: Malinda Aiello (Illinois Board of Higher Education) ,Kelly Alvarez (Danville Area Community College) ,Helja Antola Crowe (Bradley University) ,Vickie Artman (Shawnee Community College) ,Melissa Batchelor (Lewis & Clark Community College) ,Ashley Becker (Illinois Community College Board) ,Diane Christianson (Illinois Valley Community College) ,Johnna Darragh (Heartland Community College) ,Mary Anne Dockery-Jackson (Black Hawk College) ,Marie Donovan (DePaul University) ,Brian Durham (Illinois Community College Board) ,Brenda Heinzmann (Rend Lake College) ,Patricia Hoffman (Concordia University Chicago) ,Krista Jackson (iTransfer System ) ,Tywanda Jiles (Governors State University) ,Melissa Johnson (Highland Community College) ,Adam Julian (iTransfer System ) ,Diane King (Southeastern Illinois College) ,Debbie Lee (Western Illinois University) ,Janice Leuchtenberg (iTransfer System ) ,Catherine Main (University of Illinois at Chicago) ,Catherine Melear (Black Hawk College) ,Wendy Mertes (Harper College) ,Amanda Quesenberry (Illinois State University) ,Maureen Smith (Illinois State University) ,Stephanie Smith (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) ,Patricia Steinhaus (Chicago State University) ,Richard Stillwell (iTransfer System ) ,Dana Stodden (Eastern Illinois University) ,Danyle Watkins (Lincoln Land Community College)


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