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Agenda for Major Computer Science Panel Meeting
Fell hall Thursday, March 31, 2011 9:00 AM
Attendees: Malinda Aiello (Illinois Community College Board) ,Eric Bell (Triton College) ,Bob Blankenberger (Illinois Board of Higher Education) ,iTransfer Coordinator (Illinois State University) ,Brian Durham (Illinois Community College Board) ,Bryon Ehlmann (Southern IL University Edwardsville) ,Gina Elias (Illinois Valley Community College) ,Abhilasha Gupta (Illinois State University) ,Krista Jackson (Illinois State University) ,Ed Martig (Moraine Valley Community College) ,Penny McIntire (Northern Illinois University) ,Ted Mims (University of Illinois at Springfield) ,Kathleen Neumann (Western Illinois University) ,Mark Pelczarski (Elgin Community College) ,Ram Raghuraman (Joliet Junior College) ,Shahram Rahimi (Southern IL University Carbondale) ,Stephen Renk (North Central College) ,Barbara Risse (Illinois Community College Board) ,Jim Stevenson (Illinois Valley Community College) ,Ray Wright (Roosevelt University) ,Chuck Young (McHenry County College)


basic Open source c++ IRC bot.

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hey there. I looking for an opensource example of an irc bot. all I want it for it to be able to send messages to a channel. I dont need kicking, banning, management, users, or trivia, none of that. Can anyone direct me to a project like this, or much better a c++ tutorial in coding a unix c++ irc bot. Cheers, xc.
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Maybe (written in Python, not in C, but Python code is easy to read).
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I can't give you an example but I sure can give you the structure

I've written alot of IRC clients, first in mIRC scripts, then using VB, then finally attempting C++..

Firstly you need some basic socket knowledge,

1) Sockets -

IRC runs on TCP/IP, port 6667 usually... Most IRC servers use IDENT clients... therefore when you create a bot you need 2 sockets.

The first is a tcp_connect (host:, port: 6667)

The second is a tcp_listen (host: localhost, port 22)

You only need the first to start off with, however by accepting IDENT requests, you speed up login time significantly, also certain IRC servers don't allow non-IDENT clients because of flooding.

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