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Agenda for IAI Steering Panel Meeting
ISU's Bone Student Center, Circus Room Friday, May 06, 2011 10:00 am to 2:30 pm
Attendees: Malinda Aiello (Illinois Community College Board) ,Lois Backas (Roosevelt University) ,John Bennett (Lake Land College) ,Lois Bishop (DePaul University) ,Bob Blankenberger (Illinois Board of Higher Education) ,Alice Blomquist (Roosevelt University) ,Linda Dawkins (Southwestern Illinois College) ,Sean Doyle (Moraine Valley Community College) ,Brian Durham (Illinois Community College Board) ,Margaret Dust (Chicago State University) ,Kris Harding (Illinois State University) ,Mary Herrington-Perry (Eastern Illinois University) ,Krista Jackson (Illinois State University) ,Thedford Jackson (Highland Community College) ,Steve Kifowit (Prairie State College) ,Heidi Leuszler (Parkland College) ,Carl Lorenz (Parkland College) ,Marilyn Marshall (University of Illinois) ,Judith Marwick (Kankakee Community College) ,Lamata Mitchell (Rock Valley College) ,Sally Parry (Illinois State University) ,Emanuel Pollack (University of Illinois at Chicago) ,Lily Siu (Richland Community College) ,Julie Weishar (Parkland College) ,Mary Wright (Southern Illinois University Carbondale) ,Mary Wright (Southern Illinois University Carbondale)


1.      Updates from GECC Co-Chairs and the Transfer Coordinators Committee

GECC Panel co-chairs and the Transfer Coordinators will update the Steering Panel members regarding their activities and spring meetings, where applicable.

2.      ICCB, IBHE, and IAI/iTransfer Updates

a.      IBHE

Major Directive and other items

b.     ICCB

Common Core College Readiness Workshops, High School Feedback Report

Brief major panel updates

c.      IAI/iTransfer

The new iManage System and the 5 year review process

Brief major panel updates

3.      Indiana’s Core Transfer Library Program (team visit)

Members of an Indiana planning committee will be attending the Steering Panel meeting to discuss Illinois’ experience with IAI.  They are looking for advice as Indiana moves forward with their Core Transfer Library program. 

4.      New Business

·       Request to reconvene the Art major panel

·       5 Year Review – discussion regarding issues and submissions from initial round with new system

·       Voting Guidelines – number of votes required in order to post a course decision (quorum vs. consensus)

·       Election of new Steering Panel co-chair (2 yr cc)

·       Request to add “cc at large” representative

5.      Old Business

·       Scheduling of ad hoc Policy & Procedures Manual review meeting

o   Separate ad hoc committee needed to review current membership requirements?  If so, scheduling of membership ad hoc committee meeting.

·       Discussion regarding prerequisites, online & other delivery modes

6.      Other Business

·       Miscellaneous topics as raised by panel members

7.      Scheduling of Next Meetings:  Fall ’11 and Spring ‘12

Meeting note from IAI calendar:  IAI Steering Panel meeting at ISU's Bone Student Center on campus from 10 to 2:30pm in the Circus Room on the lower floor of the BSC. Panel members - for directions to campus check: maps.illinoisstate.edu/directions/. For information on parking at the Student Center: www.bonestudentcenter.ilstu.edu/parking/. Krista will provide a business card to waive the parking fee at the meeting.

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