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Agenda for GenEd Social and Behavioral Sciences Panel Meeting
Heartland Community College, CCB 2012, Normal, IL Thursday, April 20, 2017 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Attendees: Malinda Aiello (Illinois Board of Higher Education) ,JoElla Basler (Shawnee Community College) ,Ashley Becker (Illinois Community College Board) ,Jennifer Buntin (Lewis University) ,Patricia Byrnes (University of Illinois at Springfield) ,Jenn Cline (Lewis & Clark Community College) ,Magdalena Farc (McHenry County College) ,Linda Ghent (Eastern Illinois University) ,Matt Greider (Lake Land College) ,Kelly Harris (Chicago State University) ,Darren Hendrickson (Eastern Illinois University) ,Marianne Hunnicut (College of DuPage) ,Krista Jackson (iTransfer System ) ,Janice Leuchtenberg (iTransfer System ) ,Nancy Lind (Illinois State University) ,Patrick McGinty (Western Illinois University) ,Martin Quirk (Rock Valley College) ,Edie Raices (South Suburban College) ,Jess Ray (Illinois State University) ,Evelyn Reynolds (Parkland College) ,Mark Roehrs (Lincoln Land Community College) ,Mike Rudibaugh (Lake Land College) ,Isabel Scarborough (Parkland College) ,Richard Stillwell (iTransfer System ) ,Cindy Sullivan (College of Lake County) ,Lisa Travis (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)


1. Introductions & Technology, Welcome New Members

2. Training, Orientation & Updates

3. Course Review

New Courses - 6 course(s)

Resubmitted New Courses - 5 course(s)

Ongoing Review Courses - 26 course(s)

Resubmitted Ongoing Review Courses - 7 course(s)


New Courses - 6 course(s)

College of Lake County HST 142 - World History from 1500  S2913N

Rend Lake College ECON 1101 - Introduction to Economics  S3900

College of DuPage POLS 1105 - State and Local Politics  S5902

South Suburban College PCS 108 - Contemporary Political Problems  S5903

Kennedy-King College (CCC) POL SCI 204 - International Relations  S5904

Kennedy-King College (CCC) Sociology 203 - Marriage & the Family  S7902


Resubmitted New Courses - 5 course(s)

Black Hawk College ANTH 100 - Intro to Anthropology  S1900N

Loyola University Chicago ACHIS 201 - U.S. History to 1865  S2900

Moraine Valley Community College HIS-150 - History of the World I  S2912N

Moraine Valley Community College HIS-151 - History of the World II  S2913N

Carl Sandburg College SOC 260 - Gender & Society  S7904D


Ongoing Review Courses - 26 course(s)

Richland Community College ANTHR 130 - Intro to Archaeology  S1903

Moraine Valley Community College PSC 210 - International Relations  S5904

College of Lake County PSC 222 - International Relations  S5904

Prairie State College POLSC 240 - Intro. to International Relations  S5904

McHenry County College PLT 251 - International Relations  S5904

Carl Sandburg College POS 228 - International Relations  S5904

Illinois State University POL 151 - Intro to Internat'l Relations  S5904

Illinois Central College POLSC 122 - Intro to International Relations  S5904

Illinois Central College SOC 120 - Marriage and the Family  S7902

Illinois Valley Community College SOC 1002 - Marriage and the Family  S7902

Lewis & Clark Community College SOCI 240 - Marriage and the Family  S7902

Olive-Harvey College (CCC) SOC 203 - Marriage and the Family  S7902

St. Augustine College SOC 210 - Marriage and Family  S7902

Heartland Community College SOC 135 - Sociology of Mar & Fam  S7902

Morton College SOC 101 - Marriage & Family  S7902

Lewis University 20-220 - Marriage and Family  S7902

Illinois State University FCS 224 - Enduring Issues for Couples and Families  S7902

Western Illinois University SOC 370 - American Family  S7902

Parkland College SOC 200 - Sociology of Marriage and Family  S7902

Northern Illinois University FCNS 284 - Introduction to Family Relationships  S7902

Shawnee Community College SOC 217 - Marriage and Family  S7902

South Suburban College SOC 205 - Marriage & the Family  S7902

Southeastern Illinois College SOC 221 - The Family in Society  S7902

College of DuPage SOCIO 2220 - Sexual Relationships, Marriage & Family  S7902

Daley College (Richard J.) (CCC) SOC 203 - Marriage and the Family  S7902

Richland Community College SOCIO 200 - Marriage and the Family  S7902


Resubmitted Ongoing Review Courses - 7 course(s)

Parkland College POS 124 - State and Local Government  S5902

Black Hawk College IS 220 - Global Issues  S5904

Rock Valley College PSC 269 - Internat'l Relations  S5904

Lewis & Clark Community College POLS 231 - International Relations  S5904

Highland Community College SOCI 274 - The Family  S7902

Eastern Illinois University SOC 2830 - Family and Society  S7902

Elgin Community College SOC 210 - Marriage and Family  S7902


4. Course Approval Criteria and Submission Process - Review materials 

            a.  Double check Geography Descriptors

            b.  Discuss the lack of the D code on the Sociology Course


5. Items from Panel Members


6. Date for Next Meeting – Thursday, October 26, 2017 ISU Alumni Center, Room 119, Normal, IL

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