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Agenda for GenEd Mathematics Panel Meeting
ISU's Alumni Center, Rm 119, Normal, IL Friday, November 6, 2015 10:00AM to 2:30PM
Attendees: Malinda Aiello (Illinois Board of Higher Education) ,Kathy Almy (Rock Valley College) ,Dave Anderson (South Suburban College) ,Ashley Becker (Illinois Community College Board) ,Joe Bergman (Illinois Central College) ,Mike Caparula (Kankakee Community College) ,Robert Cappetta (College of DuPage) ,John Chisholm (Western Illinois University) ,Joseph Dethrow (John A. Logan College) ,Randy Fletcher (Parkland College) ,Randall Gallaher (Lincoln College) ,Keven Hansen (Southwestern Illinois College) ,Bernie Harris (Northern Illinois University) ,John Hill (Lincoln College) ,Krista Jackson (iTransfer System ) ,Adam Julian (iTransfer System ) ,Steve Kifowit (Prairie State College) ,Marshall Lassak (Eastern Illinois University) ,Sara Leigh (Midstate College) ,Janice Leuchtenberg (iTransfer System ) ,Walter McHenry (Lake Land College) ,Paul Musial (Chicago State University) ,Tung Nguyen (University of Illinois at Springfield) ,George Seelinger (Illinois State University) ,Kristin Smigielski (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) ,Richard Stillwell (iTransfer System ) ,Mary Wright (Southern Illinois University Carbondale) ,Kirk Yenerall (Lincoln Land Community College)


1. Introductions & Technology, Welcome New Members

2. Training, Orientation & Updates

3. Course Review

Courses For Panel Review

14 New Courses
3 Resubmitted New Courses
41 Ongoing Review Courses
12 Resubmitted Ongoing Review Courses

New Courses
M1900: American InterContinental University: MATH233: Survey of Calculus
M1900: Olive-Harvey College (CCC): Math 125: Introductory Statistics
M1901: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville: QR-101: Quantitative Reasoning
M1901: Frontier Community College (IECC): MTH 1104: Quantitative Reasoning
M1901: Lincoln Trail College (IECC): MTH 1104: Quantitative Reasoning
M1901: Olney Central College (IECC): MTH 1104: Quantitative Reasoning
M1901: Wabash Valley College (IECC): MTH 1104: Quantitative Reasoning
M1902: Benedictine University: MATH 150: Introduction to Statistics
M1902: Lake Land College: MAT 125: Statistics
M1902: University of Illinois at Springfield: MAT 121: Applied Statistics
M1904: Midstate College: MAT 135: General Education Mathematics
M1904: American InterContinental University: MATH125: General College Mathematics
M1906: Harold Washington College (CCC): MATH 144: Finite Mathematics
M1906: Heartland Community College: MATH 111: Finite Math: Bus & Ssci

Resubmitted New Courses
M1901: American InterContinental University: MATH 133: College Algebra
IM1903: Kennedy-King College (CCC): 121: Math for Elementary Teachers I
M1906: Kennedy-King College (CCC): 212: Linear Algebra

Ongoing Review Courses
M1900-B: Northern Illinois University: MATH 211: Calculus for Bus&Soc Sci
M1900-B: Robert Morris University: MAT 240: Calculus for Business andSocial Sciences
M1902: Robert Morris University: MAT 320: Statistics
M1902: Black Hawk College: MATH 228: Probability and Statistics
M1902: Lake Land College: MAT 125: Statistics
M1902: Eastern Illinois University: MAT 2290G: Elem Statistics, Honors
M1902: Southeastern Illinois College: MATH 141: Statistics
M1902: College of DuPage: PSYCH 2280: Statistics for the Social Behavioral Sciences
M1902: College of DuPage: SOCIO 2205: Statistics for the Social & Behavioral Sciences
M1902: College of DuPage: MATH 1635: Stats
M1902: Elgin Community College: MTH 120: Statistics I
M1902: Benedictine University: MGT 150: Statistics I
M1902: Elmhurst College: MTH 345: Elementary Statistics
M1902: Malcolm X College (CCC): MATH 125: Introductory Statistics
M1902: Illinois Valley Community College: ECN 2004: Business Statistics
M1902: University of Illinois at Springfield: ECO 213: Statistics for Business and Economics
M1902: Daley College (Richard J.) (CCC): MATH 125: Introductory Statistics
M1902: Moraine Valley Community College: MTH 139: Probability and Statistics
M1902: Moraine Valley Community College: MTH 212: Business Statistics
M1902: Southwestern Illinois College: MATH 191: Intro to Statistics
M1902: Parkland College: MAT 160: Statistics
M1902: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville: STAT 244: Static tics
M1906: Parkland College: MAT 141: Finite Mathematics
M1906: Southwestern Illinois College: MATH 113: Finite Math for Business and Social Sci
M1906: Daley College (Richard J.) (CCC): MATH 144: Finite Mathematics
M1906: Harold Washington College (CCC): MATH 144: Finite Mathematics
M1906: Illinois Valley Community College: MTH 1006: Finite Mathematics
M1906: Southeastern Illinois College: MATH 142: Finite Mathematics
M1906: Malcolm X College (CCC): MATH 144: Finite Mathematics
M1906: Prairie State College: MATH 155: Finite Mathematics
M1906: Elgin Community College: MTH 125: Finite Mathematics for Business & Management
M1906: South Suburban College: MTH 161: Finite Math
M1906: McHenry County College: MAT 170: Finite Mathematics
M1906: Highland Community College: MATH 171: Finite Math
M1906: Wabash Valley College (IECC): MTH 1151: Finite Mathematics
M1906: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: MATH 124: Finite Mathematics
M1906: Eastern Illinois University: MAT 2120G: Finite Math
M1906: Eastern Illinois University: MAT 2190G: Finite Math, Honors
M1906: Northern Illinois University: MATH 210: Finite Mathematics
M1906: Danville Area Community College: MATH 135: Intro. Analysis II (Finite Math)
M1906: Robert Morris University: MAT 210: Finite Math

Resubmitted Ongoing Review Courses
M1900: Southeastern Illinois College: MATH 143: Applied Calculus
M1900: Danville Area Community College: MATH 125: Introductory Analysis I
M1900-B: Shawnee Community College: MAT 215: Applied Calculus for Bus & Soc Sc
M1900-B: Shawnee Community College: MAT 215: Applied Calculus for Bus & Soc Sc
M1900-B: Kaskaskia College: MATH 246: Calculus for Business & Social Science
M1900-B: Spoon River College: MAT 133: Business Calculus I
M1900-B: Kennedy-King College (CCC): MATH 204: Calculus for Business & Social Science
M1902: Danville Area Community College: MATH 115: Survey of Statistics
M1902: Illinois Central College: MATH 111: General Education Statistics
M1902: Highland Community College: MATH 177: Statistics
M1902: Oakton Community College: MAT 131: Elementary Statistics
M1905: Elmhurst College: MTH 301: Discrete Mathematics

4. Course Approval Criteria and Submission Process - Review materials 

5. Items from Panel Members

     AP Legislation to be discussed - Related work will be completed in spring

6. Dates for Next Meetings – TBD at meetings

The IAI GECC Mathematics panel will meet on Friday, November 6th, at 10 am at ISU's Alumni Center, Rm 119, Normal, IL. Lunch will be provided for in-person participating members.Conference call information and web meeting information, if available, and an agenda will be provided closer to the meeting. For more information regarding agenda/meeting items, contact the panel manager, Ashley Becker at, ph#217-524-5503. For questions about the venue, contact Krista Jackson or Janice Leuchtenberg at, ph #309-438-8640/7114.


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