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Panel Members : Abhilasha Gupta-Illinois State University, Allan Ho-Southern IL University Edwardsville, Bill Feipel-Illinois Central College, Bob Blankenberger-Illinois Board of Higher Education, Brian Durham-Illinois Community College Board, David Deitemyer-Moraine Valley Community College, Don Bevirt-Southeastern Illinois College, Emmett Bradbury-Chicago State University, iTransfer Coordinator-Illinois State University, Jonathan Gray-Southern IL University Carbondale, Kathleen Carot-Oakton Community College, Krista Jackson-Illinois State University, Malinda Aiello-Illinois Community College Board, Richard Pearce-Illinois Board of Higher Education, Roger Baird-Illinois State University, Ryan Gray-Illinois State University, Sarah Hein-Prairie State College, Sean Doyle-Moraine Valley Community College, Shari Zeck-Illinois State University, Stephen Canfield-Eastern Illinois University, Theresa Gilbert-Rock Valley College, Wayne Holly-Midstate College, Yvonne Newlin-Frontier Community College (IECC)
Agenda for GenEd Humanities/Fine Arts Panel Panel Meeting
Illinois State University Wednesday, March 30, 2011 9:00 AM
 IAI Biology Panel


October 24, 2003


Members present:  Stephen Downie; Gary Fritz; Sue Williamson (for Dennis Frueh); Jerry Hinkley (co-chair); Mitrick Johns (co-chair); Mark Kuhlman; Robert Paul Malchow; Tamara Marsh; Judy Mavros; Kelly McConnaughay; Shawn Meagher; Carol Morton Schmidt; Mary Severinghaus; Bradley Smith; Mark Zelman.

Members Sending Regrets:  Bob Weck

Members Absent:  Richard Brugam, James Grice, John Hoagland, Margaret Jonah, Steve Kelso, William Muhlach, Randy Schietzelt, Cornelius Watson, James White

Staff:   Marcia Langsjoen


Minutes.  Approved with following amendments.  1) Mary Severinghaus is to be listed among Members Sending Regrets rather than Members Absent; 2) Under New Course Description for Combined BIO 911/912 Package, statement should read, “the description below was developed by the panel members…” rather than “the description below was developed and approved by the panel members.”

Membership Review.  The list was circulated and changes made as appropriate.

Three-Course Core and Biology 910.  The panel voted to revise the description of Biology 910 developed last month to read, “910 is a two- or three-course sequence that covers the same topics as the two-course sequence of BIO 911 and BIO 912.”  The possibility of establishing single course equivalencies between two- and three-course sequences was discussed and rejected.

Physics Course Descriptions/Prerequisites/Course Agreement Proposal from the Physics Panel  The panel discussed and approved a proposal from the Physics Panel, which asked that major panels be responsible for the wording of the IAI descriptor and review of course syllabi for courses taught primarily by members of that discipline.  Their proposal is in line with our current practice.

Review Syllabi.  Panel decisions for each proposal are listed in matrix below

Discussion:  AAT Proposal.  The panel discussed problems with the proposed curriculum for the AAT.   It was generally agreed that the proposed curriculum for the sciences did not include sufficient science coursework to adequately prepare AAT graduates for transfer into secondary education science education programs at the junior level.  Some panel members suggested that it might take students as long as six years to complete science courses required to teach biology at the secondary school level given necessary sequencing of prerequisites for biology coursework.  The panel voted to authorize co-chair, Mitrick Johns to draft a memorandum conveying the panel’s concerns to Virginia MacMillan at the Illinois Community College Board (copy of memorandum attached).

Display on the IAI Website.  Several panel members noted they had had problems accessing information on the IAI web-site and suggested there is a need for a contact webmaster for the site.  Some members reported that they had experienced no problems using the site.  Marcia Langsjoen conveyed information from IBHE Information Systems staff suggesting that some problems might be caused by the fact that sessions end automatically if users do not make requests from the server within 20 minutes of logging on. She asked panel members to help Yock Tan troubleshoot and improve the site by reporting any difficulties experienced to with the following information:

  • A detailed description of the problem
  • Error messages, if any
  • Type and version of the Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 6.2,

AOL 4.0),

  • Type of computer (e.g. PC, Macintosh)
  • Type of operating system and version

Five Year Review Update (info on review website).  Marcia Langsjoen said that Neala Schleuning and other Academic Affairs staff were continuing efforts to contact non-respondents.

Biology Panel Response to AAT P

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