GenEd Humanities Fine Arts Panel Agenda


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Panel Members : Allan Ho-Southern IL University Edwardsville, Bill Feipel-Illinois Central College, David Deitemyer-Moraine Valley Community College, Don Bevirt-Southeastern Illinois College, Emmett Bradbury-Chicago State University, Jonathan Gray-Southern IL University Carbondale, Kathleen Carot-Oakton Community College, Sarah Hein-Prairie State College, Sean Doyle-Moraine Valley Community College, Shari Zeck-Illinois State University, Stephen Canfield-Eastern Illinois University, Theresa Gilbert-Rock Valley College, Wayne Holly-Midstate College, Yvonne Newlin-Frontier Community College (IECC)
Agenda for GenEd Humanities/Fine Arts Panel Panel Meeting
Illinois State University Wednesday, March 30, 2011 9:00 AM
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News You Need for Course Submissions!

In the redesign and automation of the 5 year review process and the recent automation of the course submission through the website, we have made some note worthy and important changes to the submission pages.

Besides establishing a single login for each institution, you can submit your course in any document format and our systems will be able to create a pdf document for the panel to review. Software has been implemented that will allow for this as well as creating a pdf of the pertinent data from the online submission form so a separate copy of the submission form is no longer necessary, unless desired by the institutional submitter. This was done to help the panels review documents more easily and efficiently without the need for special program installation on their computers. It also provides a seamless transfer of data to the servers for future storage.

You may have noted that we now have a single institutional login for course submissions and accessing the new 5 year review online processes. This is discussed in more detail under the 5 year review article below.

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