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Agenda for GenEd Humanities/Fine Arts Panel Meeting
Heartland Community College, Rm CCB 2012, Normal, IL Friday, April 22, 2016 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Attendees: Malinda Aiello (Illinois Board of Higher Education) ,Benjamin Almassi (Governors State University) ,Nathan Arnett (John A. Logan College) ,Raymond Barnett (University of Illinois at Springfield) ,Ashley Becker (Illinois Community College Board) ,Anne Birberick (Northern Illinois University) ,Shaila Christofferson (Chicago State University) ,Julie Clemens (Illinois Central College) ,Laurie Cubit (McHenry County College) ,Lillian Dawson (Chicago State University) ,Sean Doyle (Moraine Valley Community College) ,Shellie Gregorich (Eastern Illinois University) ,Shane Harris (University of Illinois at Springfield) ,Marc Hertzman (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) ,Polly Hoover (Wilbur Wright College (CCC)) ,Krista Jackson (iTransfer System ) ,Adam Julian (iTransfer System ) ,Pamela Lau (Parkland College) ,Janice Leuchtenberg (iTransfer System ) ,Laurie Lewis (Lincoln College) ,Starr Nordgren (McHenry County College) ,Jim Price (Lewis & Clark Community College) ,Sarah Quirk (Waubonsee Community College) ,Penelope Stickney (Kankakee Community College) ,Richard Stillwell (iTransfer System ) ,Richard Tomlinson (Richland Community College) ,Karin Wright (Lincoln College) ,Shari Zeck (Illinois State University)



1. Introductions & Technology, Welcome New Members


2. Training, Orientation & Updates


3. Course Review


New Courses - 47 course(s)

Resubmitted New Courses - 10 course(s)

Ongoing Review Courses - 30 course(s)

Resubmitted Ongoing Review Courses - 24 course(s)


New Courses - 47 course(s)

Olive-Harvey College (CCC) Music 121 - Introduction to Music  F1900

Loyola University Chicago ACFNA 105 - Western Art: Renaissance to Modern  F2901 Olive-Harvey College (CCC) Literature 155 - LITERATURE AND FILM   F2905  Shawnee Community College ART-0227 - African American Art and Artists  F2906D Illinois Central College HUMAN 250 - Experiences in Art and Music  F9900

College of DuPage FRENC 2202 - Intermediate French II  H1900  

College of DuPage ITALI 2202 - Intermediate Italian II  H1900

Kishwaukee College HIS 249 - History of Africa  H2903N

McKendree University HIS-262 - United States History Since 1865  H2905

Governors State University HIST 2700 - World History: To 1500  H2906

Governors State University HIST 2710 - World History: Since 1500  H2907

Illinois Valley Community College HIS 2007 - History and Civilization of China  H2908  Loyola University Chicago ACENG 110 - Interpreting Literature  H3900

Heartland Community College LITR 112 - Graphic Novels  H3901

Heartland Community College LITR 116 - Dystopian Literature: The Struggle for Freedom  H3901

Kennedy-King College (CCC) 114 - Ideas in Prose  H3904

Kennedy-King College (CCC) 125 - Psychology in Black Literature  H3910D

Heartland Community College LITR 117 - Literature and Romantic Love  H3911D  Heartland Community College LITR 115 - American Literature and Culture  H3914  Kennedy-King College (CCC) 126 - Contemporary American Literature  H3915  Heartland Community College LITR 118 - Children's Literature  H3918

Loyola University Chicago AC PHI 130 - Philosophy and Persons  H4900

Rock Valley College PHL 158 - Ancient and Medieval Philosophy  H4901

Rock Valley College PHL 159 - Modern and Contemporary Philosophy  H4902

Governors State University PHIL 1202 - Introduction to Ethics  H4904    

Rock Valley College PHL 152 - Environmental Ethics  H4904 

Triton College PHL 113 - Environmental Ethics  H4904   

Governors State University PHIL 2112 - Philosophical Issues in Religion  H4905   

Governors State University RELS 2112 - Philosophical Issues in Relgion  H4905   

Governors State University PHIL 1886 - Logic and Practical Reasoning  H4906   

Governors State University RELS 2100 - Introduction to Religious Studies  H5900   

Governors State University RELS 2115 - Religious Scriptures and Sacred Texts  H5901   

Harper College PHI 225 - Introduction to the New Testament  H5901   

Lincoln Christian University BI 111 - Introduction to the Bible  H5901   

Governors State University RELS 2111 - Philosophy of World Religions  H5904N   

Governors State University PHIL 2111 - Philosophy of World Religions  H5904N   

Kankakee Community College HUMS 1553 - Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies  H9900  

Harper College LNG 105 - Introduction to Language and Linguistics  H9900  

Heartland Community College LITR 119 - Music and Poetry  H9900  

Heartland Community College LITR 114 - Storytelling: Oral Folklore and Myth  H9901   

Richland Community College HUMAN 103 - Spanish Culture and Civilization   HF902   

Richland Community College HUMAN103 - Spanish Culture and Civilization  HF902   

Olive-Harvey College (CCC) Humanities 143 - Introduction to Latin American & Latino Studies  HF906D   

Wilbur Wright College (CCC) HUM 145 - Introduction to Diversity/Ethnic Studies  HF906D   

Wilbur Wright College (CCC) HUM 144 - Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies  HF907D  

Heartland Community College LITR 113 - Literature and Film  HF908   

Harper College LNG 205 - Language and Culture  HS901


Resubmitted New Courses - 10 course(s)

Malcolm X College (CCC) THEATER ART 0099 - THEATER ART 131: Introduction to Theater  F1907

Parkland College ART 166 - HISTORY OF NON-WESTERN ART  F2903N   

Illinois Central College CHN 211 - Intermediate Mandarin Chinese IV  H1900   

Illinois Central College ITAL 211 - Intermediate Italian II  H1900   

Northern Illinois University ANTH 102 - Rise of Civilization  H2900  

American InterContinental University PHIL201 - Introduction to Philosophy  H4900   

Kaskaskia College PHLE 205 - Eastern Philosophy  H4903N   

Parkland College HUM 122 - Native American Cultures of North America  HF904N   

Sauk Valley Community College HUM 150 - American Ethnic Cultural Expression  HF906D   

Rock Valley College LIT 141 - Film as Literature  HF908


 Ongoing Review Courses - 30 course(s)


Northeastern Illinois University MUS 101 - Music Exper  F1900   

Rock Valley College MUS 102 - Introduction to Music Literature  F1900  

Eastern Illinois University MUS 2555G - Interacting with Music  F1900   

Midstate College FA 120 - Music Appreciation  F1900  

Morton College MUS 100 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

Sauk Valley Community College MUS 201 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

Southern Illinois University Carbondale MUS 103 - Music Understanding  F1900   

Southeastern Illinois College MUS 121 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

Wilbur Wright College (CCC) MUSIC 121 - Introduction to Music  F1900   

Lewis & Clark Community College MUSI 130 - Appreciation of Music  F1900   

Elgin Community College MUS 105 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

Spoon River College MUS 111 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

Harold Washington College (CCC) MUSIC 121 - Introduction to Music  F1900 

Olney Central College (IECC) MUS 1101 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

Richland Community College MUSIC 100 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

Wabash Valley College (IECC) MUS 1101 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

Lincoln College MUS 116 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

St. Augustine College HUM 204 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

Heartland Community College MUSI 150 - Music Appreciation  F1900  

Moraine Valley Community College MUS 107 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

University of St. Francis FINR 105 - Our Musical Heritage  F1900   

Harold Washington College (CCC) JAPANES 104 - Fourth Course Japanese  H1900   

Olive-Harvey College (CCC) Spanish 104 - Spanish Fourth Course  H1900   

Rock Valley College SPN 204 - Con't of Intermed. Spanish  H1900   

Illinois Central College GER 211 - Intermediate German II  H1900 

Richland Community College FREN 202 - Intermediate French 2  H1900   

Triton College ITL 104 - Intermed Italian II  H1900   

University of Illinois at Chicago GKM 104 - Inter Modern Greek II  H1900   

Richland Community College GERM 202 - Intermediate German 2  H1900   

University of Illinois at Chicago ITAL 104 - Intermediate Italian II  H1900


Resubmitted Ongoing Review Courses - 24 course(s)

Southwestern Illinois College MUS 101 - Music Appreciation  F1900  

Kankakee Community College MUSC 1513 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

Kishwaukee College MUS 220 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

Black Hawk College MUSC 154 - Music Appreciation  F1900  

College of Lake County MUS 124 - Introduction to Music  F1900   

Danville Area Community College MUSI 115 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

Malcolm X College (CCC) MUSIC 121 - Introduction to Music  F1900   

Lincoln Trail College (IECC) MUS 1101 - Music Appreciation  F1900   

College of DuPage FRENC 2251 - Conversation & Composition I  H1900   

Benedictine University SPAN 202 - Intermed Spanish II  H1900   

Daley College (Richard J.) (CCC) SPANISH 104 - Fourth Course Spanish  H1900   

Oakton Community College POL 202 - Intermediate Polish II  H1900 

Parkland College FRE 104 - Intermediate French II  H1900   

Parkland College JPN 104 - Intermediate Japanese II  H1900   

Parkland College GER 104 - Intermediate German II  H1900   

Parkland College SPA 104 - Intermediate Spanish II  H1900   

Southern Illinois University Carbondale CHIN 201B - Intermediate Chinese  H1900   

Kishwaukee College GER 202 - Intermediate German II  H1900   

Southern Illinois University Carbondale SPAN 201B - Intermediate Spanish  H1900  

Western Illinois University FR 224 - Intermediate French II  H1900   

Western Illinois University SPAN 224 - Intermediate Spanish II  H1900

Southwestern Illinois College FREN 202 - Intermediate French II  H1900  

Southern Illinois University Carbondale JPN 201B - Intermediate Japanese  H1900 

Illinois Valley Community College FEN 2002 - Intermediate French II  H1900


4. Course Approval Criteria and Submission Process - Review materials 


5. Items from Panel Members


6. Date for Next Meeting Friday, November 4th at ISU's Alumni Center, Room 119,  Normal, IL


1-888-822-7517, Access Code: 7691151 - Toll Call if needed: 713-353-0212, same access code

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