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Agenda for GenEd Humanities/Fine Arts Panel Meeting
ISU Alumni Center, Room 119 in Normal, IL Friday, April 13, 2012 10:00 AM
Attendees: Malinda Aiello (Illinois Community College Board) ,Raymond Barnett (University of Illinois at Springfield) ,Don Bevirt (Southwestern Illinois College) ,Anne Birberick (Northern Illinois University) ,Bob Blankenberger (Illinois Board of Higher Education) ,Emmett Bradbury (Chicago State University) ,Stephen Canfield (Eastern Illinois University) ,Kathleen Carot (Oakton Community College) ,Elizabeth Collins (Triton College) ,David Deitemyer (Moraine Valley Community College) ,Sean Doyle (Moraine Valley Community College) ,Bill Feipel (Illinois Central College) ,T. Paulette Gilbert (Rock Valley College) ,Jonathan Gray (Southern Illinois University Carbondale) ,Abhilasha Gupta (iTransfer System) ,Thomas Hamel (Oakton Community College) ,Sarah Hein (Prairie State College) ,Allan Ho (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) ,Wayne Holly (Midstate College) ,Krista Jackson (iTransfer System) ,Krista Jackson (iTransfer System) ,David Knopp (Illinois Board of Higher Education) ,Janice Leuchtenberg (iTransfer System) ,Yvonne Newlin (Lincoln Trail College (IECC)) ,Amalia Pallares (University of Illinois at Chicago) ,David Palmer (John Wood Community College) ,Lily Siu (Richland Community College) ,Dheeraj Vatti (iTransfer System) ,Natasha Zaretsky (Southern Illinois University Carbondale) ,Shari Zeck (Illinois State University) ,Karen Zeilman (Illinois Valley Community College)


  1. Introductions & Technology


  1. Course Review – voting on courses submitted, posting decisions:



Courses for Five year review

1 courses


H1900: Foreign Language IV


University of Illinois at Chicago

JPN 104: Intermediate Japanese II





New Courses

26 courses


F2902: History of Western Art II


Waubonsee Community College

ART 106: Contemporary Art - 1945 to Present


H1900: Foreign Language IV


Carl Sandburg College

SPN 202: Intermediate Spanish 2



Harper College

CHN 202: Intermediate Chinese II



Heartland Community College

GERM 202: German IV



Oakton Community College

ARB 202: Intermediate Arabic II


H2904: U.S. History/ Civilization I


University of Illinois at Chicago

HIST 103: Amer Civ to Late Nineteenth Century


H2905: U.S. History/ Civilization II


University of Illinois at Chicago

HIST 104: Amer Civ since Late Nineteenth Century


H2909D: American Ethnic Histories


Southwestern Illinois College

HIST 230: African-American History


H3900: Introduction to Literature


Sauk Valley Community College

ENG 160: Introduction to Literature


H3908N: Non-Western Literature in Translation


Moraine Valley Community College

LIT-228: Latin American Literature


H3910D: American Ethnic Literature


Morton College

ENG 219: African American Literature


H3911D: Literature and Gender

Highland Community College

ENGL 230: Women and Literature



H3918: Introduction to Children's Literature


Black Hawk College

ENG 240: Children's Literature



Illinois Valley Community College

LIT 2005: Children's Literature



Lewis & Clark Community College

LITT 140: Children's Literature



Sauk Valley Community College

EDU 221: Children's Literature



Shawnee Community College

ECE 0222: Children's Literature


H4902: History of Philosophy II


Prairie State College

PHILO 206: Major Modern Ideas


H5901: Foundational Religious Texts


Waubonsee Community College

PHL 220: Foundational Texts: Old Testament



Waubonsee Community College

PHL 230: Foundational Texts: New Testament



Waubonsee Community College

PHL 240: Foundational Texts: Qur'an


H9900: Interdisciplinary Humanities


Danville Area Community College

ENGL 106: Fiction Writing




Danville Area Community College

LITR 112: Detective Fiction


HF908: Film and Literature


Black Hawk College

ENG 250: Film as Literature


HS900: Interdisciplinary Humanities/Fine Arts & Social/Behavioral Sciences I


Richland Community College

AF AM 100: Introduction to African American Studies


HS901: Interdisciplinary Humanities/Fine Arts & Social/Behavioral Sciences II


Richland Community College

AF AM 130: African American Social Movements



Resubmitted Courses:


Resubmitted Courses for Five year review


8 courses


H1900: Foreign Language IV


Black Hawk College

SPAN 202: Intermediate Spanish



College of DuPage

GERMA 2202: Intermediate German II



College of DuPage

JAPAN 2202: Intermediate Japan II



Frontier Community College (IECC)

SPN 2121: Intermediate Spanish II



Harper College

FRN 202: Intermediate French



Illinois Central College

FR 211: Intermediate French II



Lewis & Clark Community College

SPAN 232: Intermediate Spanish II



Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

FR 202: Intermediate French





Resubmitted Original Courses

7 courses


F2904: History of Photography


Triton College

VIC 160: History of Photography


H3900: Introduction to Literature


Lincoln Land Community College

LIT 109: Introduction to Literature: Multi-Genre


H3908N: Non-Western Literature in Translation


Heartland Community College



H4900: Introduction to Philosophy


Midstate College

PHI 101: Introduction to Philosophy


H5904N: Comparative Religions


Lake Land College

PHI 233: World Religions II






HF904N: Non-Western Humanities


College of Lake County

HUM 141: World Humanities of the 20/21 Cent


HF907D: Cultural Expression of Gender


Richland Community College

AF AM 141: African American Men


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Friday, April 13, 2012
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The IAI GECC H and FA Panel meeting is scheduled for our in person meeting at Illinois State University's Alumni Center, Room 119 in Normal, IL. See the IAI calendar at: for more information on the meeting place.  If you cannot make the in person meeting and would to participate in the AnyMeeting webinar, please register using the information supplied here.  We will also have a conference call available so that those who would like to be able to heard rather than communicate through online chat.  The call-in number is 309-438-1000, access code 2202#

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