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ActivatedEdit TypeIAI CodeFED FICE/SchoolSchool No/titleCR/typeBegin DateEnd Date
1674/Eastern Illinois University
07/31/2017EndBIO9101674/Eastern Illinois UniversityBIO 1300G/Animal Diversity4 Sem cr01/01/200405/01/2017
07/31/2017EndBIO9101674/Eastern Illinois UniversityBIO 1200G/General Botany4 Sem cr01/01/201405/01/2017
07/31/2017EndBIO9101674/Eastern Illinois UniversityBIO 1100/General Biology4 Sem cr01/01/200408/15/2016
20744/Frontier Community College (IECC)
07/13/2017EndEGR93120744/Frontier Community College (IECC)EGR 2181/Intro to Circuit Analysis3 Sem cr08/15/201101/01/2017
3961/Harper College
07/19/2017EndMC9223961/Harper CollegeMCM 140/Writing, Editing and Design for the Internet3 Sem cr08/15/200601/01/2017
1776/University of Illinois at Chicago
07/28/2017EndPHY9131776/University of Illinois at ChicagoPHYS 245/General Physics IV (Heat, Fluids and Wave Phenomen4 Sem cr01/01/201201/01/2016
07/28/2017AddPHY9131776/University of Illinois at ChicagoPHYS 245/Intro to Vibrations, Waves, and Thermal Physics 4 Sem cr01/01/2016 

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