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ActivatedEdit TypeIAI CodeFED FICE/SchoolSchool No/titleCR/typeBegin DateEnd Date
P1907 - Introduction to Geology
05/16/2017AddP19073961/Harper CollegeESC 100/Rocks and Minerals Survey3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
F1903N - Non-Western Music
05/15/2017AddF1903N3961/Harper CollegeMUS 108/Introduction to World Music3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
H3901 - Introduction to Fiction
05/15/2017AddH3901999972/Heartland Community CollegeLITR 116/Dystopian Literature: The Struggle for Freedom3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
L1900L - General Biology for Non-Majors
05/01/2017AddL1900L3961/Harper CollegeBIO 110/Introduction to Biology and Society4 Sem cr01/01/2017 
05/01/2017AddL1900L1758/Southern Illinois University CarbondaleZOOL 115/General Biology3 Sem cr05/01/2017 
05/01/2017AddL1900L6753/Illinois Central CollegeBIOL 111/Concepts in Biology4 Sem cr05/01/2017 
05/01/2017EndL1900L6753/Illinois Central CollegeBIOL 111/The Biology of Man4 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2017
05/01/2017ChangeL1900L1638/Black Hawk CollegeBIOL 100/Introduction to Biology => BIOL 100/Introduction to Biology4 Sem cr01/01/2017 => 08/15/1998 
05/01/2017ChangeL1900L1654/Kennedy-King College (CCC)Biology 114/General Education Biology => BIOLOGY 114/General Education Biology4 Sem cr01/01/2017 => 05/01/2000 
05/01/2017EndL1900L1758/Southern Illinois University CarbondalePLB 115/General Biology3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2017
L1910L - General Biology for Majors
05/09/2017EndL1910L3961/Harper CollegeBIO 110/Principles of Biology4 Sem cr01/01/201408/15/2017
P1900L - General Education Physics
05/23/2017EndP1900L3961/Harper CollegePHS 111/Physical Science I4 Sem cr05/01/199808/15/2017
P1901L - Physics and Society
05/23/2017EndP1901L3961/Harper CollegePHS 105/Energy and Society4 Sem cr05/01/199808/15/2017
P1903L - Chemistry and Society
05/17/2017EndP1903L1675/Elgin Community CollegeCHM 115/Chemistry and Society3 Sem cr05/01/199808/15/2017
P1905L - Earth Science
05/23/2017EndP1905L3961/Harper CollegePHS 112/Exploring the Earth and Universe4 Sem cr08/15/200508/15/2017
05/23/2017EndP1905L3961/Harper CollegePHS 115/Introduction to Meteorology4 Sem cr01/01/200808/15/2017
P1907L - Introduction to Geology
05/23/2017EndP1907L3961/Harper CollegeGEO102/Dinosaurs, Fossils and Planet Earth4 Sem cr08/15/201408/15/2017
05/23/2017EndP1907L3961/Harper CollegeGEO 101/Physical Geology4 Sem cr05/01/199808/15/2017
P1908L - Environmental Geology
05/23/2017EndP1908L3961/Harper CollegeGEO 103/Environmental Geology4 Sem cr01/01/200808/15/2017
P9900 - General Physical Science
05/23/2017EndP99003961/Harper CollegePHS 101/Physical Science Survey3 Sem cr05/01/199808/15/2017
S5905 - Comparative Government
05/31/2017EndS59051638/Black Hawk CollegePOLS 261/Intro to Comparative Government: Europe3 Sem cr05/01/200408/15/2017
S5906N - Non-Western Comparative Government
05/31/2017EndS5906N1638/Black Hawk CollegePOLS 262/Intro to Comparative Government: Non-Europe3 Sem cr05/01/200408/15/2017

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