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ActivatedEdit TypeIAI CodeFED FICE/SchoolSchool No/titleCR/typeBegin DateEnd Date
1638/Black Hawk College
04/24/2017AddS1900N1638/Black Hawk CollegeANTH 100/Intro to Anthropology3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017ChangeF29011638/Black Hawk CollegeART 281/History of Western Art I => ART 281/History of Western Art I3 Sem cr01/01/2017 => 08/15/2017 
04/24/2017ChangeF29021638/Black Hawk CollegeART 282/History of Western Art II => ART 282/History of Western Art II3 Sem cr01/01/2017 => 08/15/2017 
7265/Carl Sandburg College
04/24/2017ChangeS7904D7265/Carl Sandburg CollegeSOC 260/Gender & Society => SOC 260/Gender & Society3 Sem cr01/01/2017 => 08/15/2009 
6656/College of DuPage
04/24/2017AddS59026656/College of DuPagePOLS 1105/State and Local Politics3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
1675/Elgin Community College
04/24/2017AddH3911D1675/Elgin Community CollegeLIT 220/LGBTQ Literature3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017AddF29081675/Elgin Community CollegeART 130/Art of Film3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/10/2017AddP2900L1675/Elgin Community CollegePHY 211/Engineering Physics I5 Sem cr01/01/2017 
20744/Frontier Community College (IECC)
04/24/2017AddH590020744/Frontier Community College (IECC)SOC1109/Sociology of Religion3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017AddH990120744/Frontier Community College (IECC)SOC 1110/Gods, Heroes and Society3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
999972/Heartland Community College
04/26/2017EndP1905999972/Heartland Community CollegeEASC 111/Environment Earth3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2017
04/26/2017AddP9901999972/Heartland Community CollegeEASC 111/Environment Earth3 Sem cr05/01/2017 
8076/John A. Logan College
04/24/2017AddH39148076/John A. Logan CollegeLIT 230/American Literature3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017AddH39128076/John A. Logan CollegeLIT 210/British Literature3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
1654/Kennedy-King College (CCC)
04/24/2017AddH39141654/Kennedy-King College (CCC)LIT 126/Contemporary American Literature3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017ChangeF19001654/Kennedy-King College (CCC)MUSIC 121/Introduction to Music => MUSIC 121/Introduction to Music3 Sem cr01/01/2017 => 05/01/1998 
04/24/2017AddS79021654/Kennedy-King College (CCC)Sociology 203/Marriage & the Family3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017ChangeS59041654/Kennedy-King College (CCC)POL SCI 204/International Relations => POL SCI 204/International Relations3 Sem cr01/01/2017 => 05/01/1998 
7684/Kishwaukee College
04/24/2017AddH29017684/Kishwaukee CollegeHIS 144/Western Civilization to 17153 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017AddH29027684/Kishwaukee CollegeHIS 145/Western Civilization Since 17153 Sem cr01/01/2017 
1709/Lincoln College
04/04/2017ChangeM19021709/Lincoln CollegeMAT 110/Elementary Statistics => MAT 110/Elementary Statistics3 Sem cr01/01/2003 
9786/Lincoln Trail College (IECC)
04/24/2017AddH59009786/Lincoln Trail College (IECC)SOC 1109/Sociology of Religion3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017AddH99019786/Lincoln Trail College (IECC)SOC 1110/Gods, Heroes, and Society3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
1710/Loyola University Chicago
04/24/2017AddS29001710/Loyola University ChicagoACHIS 201/U.S. History to 18653 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017AddH39051710/Loyola University ChicagoACENG 274/Introduction to the Plays of Shakespeare3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017AddH49061710/Loyola University ChicagoACPHI 274/Logic3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
7692/Moraine Valley Community College
04/24/2017AddS2912N7692/Moraine Valley Community CollegeHIS-150/History of the World I3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017AddS2913N7692/Moraine Valley Community CollegeHIS-151/History of the World II3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
9767/Olive-Harvey College (CCC)
04/24/2017ChangeF19009767/Olive-Harvey College (CCC)Music 121/Introduction to Music => MUSIC 121/Introduction to Music3 Sem cr01/01/2017 => 05/01/1998 
1742/Olney Central College (IECC)
04/24/2017AddH59001742/Olney Central College (IECC)SOC 1109/Sociology of Religion3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017AddH99011742/Olney Central College (IECC)SOC 1110/Gods, Heroes, and Society3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
1640/Prairie State College
04/24/2017AddF29081640/Prairie State CollegeCOMM 113/Film Appreciation3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017AddF29091640/Prairie State CollegeCOMM 114/Film History3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
10879/Richland Community College
04/24/2017AddH990010879/Richland Community CollegeHUMAN112/Leadership Development through the Humanities3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
1752/Sauk Valley Community College
04/24/2017AddH49061752/Sauk Valley Community CollegePHL 101/Introduction to Logic and Formal Reasoning3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
1769/South Suburban College
04/24/2017AddF29041769/South Suburban CollegeART 139/History of Photography3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
1636/Southwestern Illinois College
04/24/2017AddHF9081636/Southwestern Illinois CollegeFILM 225/Film and Literature3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
1773/Triton College
04/24/2017AddF29091773/Triton CollegeMCM 152/Cinema History3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017AddF29081773/Triton CollegeMCM 151/Cinema Appreciation3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
1648/Truman College (Harry S) (CCC)
04/24/2017AddF19041648/Truman College (Harry S) (CCC)Music 124/Trends in Modern American Music3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
1779/Wabash Valley College (IECC)
04/24/2017AddH59001779/Wabash Valley College (IECC)SOC 1109/Sociology of Religion3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
04/24/2017AddH99011779/Wabash Valley College (IECC)SOC 1110/Gods, Heroes, and Society3 Sem cr01/01/2017 

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