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ActivatedEdit TypeIAI CodeFED FICE/SchoolSchool No/titleCR/typeBegin DateEnd Date
1638/Black Hawk College
03/27/2017ChangeM19061638/Black Hawk CollegeMATH 131/Finite Mathematics => MATH 131/Finite Mathematics3 Sem cr01/01/2017 => 01/01/1999 
03/15/2017EndL1900L1638/Black Hawk CollegeBIOL 108/Principles of Biology I4 Sem cr08/15/200108/15/2017
03/15/2017EndH19001638/Black Hawk CollegeFREN 253/Advanced French3 Sem cr05/01/199808/15/2017
03/13/2017ChangeP19051638/Black Hawk CollegeGEOG 106/Introductory Meteorology => GEOG 106/Introductory Meteorology3 Sem cr01/01/2017 => 05/01/1998 
03/09/2017AddS2908N1638/Black Hawk CollegeHIST 141/History of Asia to 15003 Sem cr08/15/2017 
03/09/2017AddS2909N1638/Black Hawk CollegeHIST 142/History of Asia since 15003 Sem cr08/15/2017 
03/09/2017AddS59031638/Black Hawk CollegePOLS 101/Introduction to Political Science3 Sem cr08/15/2017 
03/06/2017AddF19071638/Black Hawk CollegeTHEA 111/Introduction to Theatre Arts3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
1641/Bradley University
03/01/2017EndP19051641/Bradley UniversityGES 101/Principles of Earth Science3 Sem cr05/01/199801/01/2017
03/01/2017EndP1905L1641/Bradley UniversityGES 102/Principles of Earth Science Lab1 Sem cr05/01/199801/01/2017
7694/College of Lake County
03/27/2017AddM19027694/College of Lake CountyMTH 142/General Education Statistics3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
1652/Harold Washington College (CCC)
03/13/2017AddP2900L1652/Harold Washington College (CCC)Physics 235/Engineering Physics I (Mechanics and Wave Motion)5 Sem cr01/01/2017 
03/13/2017AddP19051652/Harold Washington College (CCC)Physical Science 101/General Course Physical Science3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
3961/Harper College
03/27/2017AddM19023961/Harper CollegeMTH 225/Business Statistics4 Sem cr01/01/2017 
03/20/2017AddP1900L3961/Harper CollegePHY 110/Introduction to Physics4 Sem cr01/01/2017 
03/20/2017AddP1905L3961/Harper CollegeESC 110/Exploring the Earth and Universe4 Sem cr01/01/2017 
03/20/2017AddP1907L3961/Harper CollegeESC 111/Physical Geology4 Sem cr01/01/2017 
03/20/2017AddP1908L3961/Harper CollegeESC 113 /Environmental Geology4 Sem cr01/01/2017 
03/13/2017AddP1907L3961/Harper CollegeESC 112/Dinosaurs, Fossils and Planet Earth4 Sem cr01/01/2017 
03/13/2017AddP1905L3961/Harper CollegeESC 121/Introduction to Meteorology4 Sem cr01/01/2017 
7690/Kankakee Community College
03/13/2017AddP1902L7690/Kankakee Community CollegeCHEM 1534/Introductory Chemistry4 Sem cr01/01/2017 
1654/Kennedy-King College (CCC)
03/27/2017ChangeM19061654/Kennedy-King College (CCC)Math 144/Finite Mathematics => MATH 144/Finite Mathematics4 Sem cr01/01/2017 => 08/15/2007 
7684/Kishwaukee College
03/09/2017EndH39147684/Kishwaukee CollegeENG 211/American Lit: Colonial Period to 18653 Sem cr01/01/201405/01/2017
03/09/2017EndH3910D7684/Kishwaukee CollegeENG 288/American Ethnic Literature3 Sem cr05/01/199805/01/2017
03/09/2017EndH3908N7684/Kishwaukee CollegeENG 293/Introduction to Latin American Literature3 Sem cr01/01/199905/01/2017
03/09/2017AddHF9007684/Kishwaukee CollegeHUM 119/Humanities: Historical Survey3 Sem cr05/01/2017 
03/09/2017AddHF9017684/Kishwaukee CollegeHUM 129/Humanities: Topical Survey3 Sem cr05/01/2017 
7170/Lincoln Land Community College
03/13/2017AddP1900L7170/Lincoln Land Community College101/General Physics I4 Sem cr01/01/2017 
03/13/2017AddP19007170/Lincoln Land Community College100/Conceptual Physics3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
7691/McHenry County College
03/15/2017EndL19057691/McHenry County CollegeGEG 220/The Global Environment3 Sem cr01/01/200505/01/2016
03/15/2017EndL1905L7691/McHenry County CollegeGEG 221/The Global Environment Lab1 Sem cr01/01/200505/01/2016
03/15/2017ChangeP99017691/McHenry County CollegeGEG 220/The Global Environment => GEG 220/The Global Environment3 Sem cr05/01/2016 => 08/15/2015 
03/15/2017ChangeP9901L7691/McHenry County CollegeGEG 221/The Global Environment Lab => GEG 221/The Global Environment Lab1 Sem cr05/01/2016 => 08/15/2015 
1737/Northern Illinois University
03/13/2017AddP1900L1737/Northern Illinois UniversityPHYS 151/Physics Laboratory1 Sem cr01/01/2017 
9896/Oakton Community College
03/13/2017AddP19089896/Oakton Community CollegeEAS 205/Environmental Geology3 Sem cr01/01/2017 
7119/Rend Lake College
03/13/2017ChangeP19057119/Rend Lake CollegePHSC 1102/Principles of Earth Science => PHSC 1102/Principles of Earth Science3 Sem cr01/01/2017 => 08/15/2004 
10879/Richland Community College
03/27/2017ChangeM190410879/Richland Community CollegeMATH 110/Concepts of Mathmatics => MATH 110/Concepts of Mathmatics4 Sem cr01/01/2017 => 08/15/2011 
1643/Spoon River College
03/13/2017AddP1903L1643/Spoon River CollegeCHE 105/Chemistry and Society4 Sem cr01/01/2017 
9333/University of Illinois at Springfield
03/15/2017EndL19059333/University of Illinois at SpringfieldENS 251/Introduction to Environmental Studies4 Sem cr05/01/200008/15/2006
03/15/2017ChangeL19059333/University of Illinois at SpringfieldENS 251/Introduction to Environmental Science => ENS 251/Introduction to Environmental Science3 Sem cr08/15/2006 => 01/01/2016 
1664/University of St. Francis
03/27/2017AddM19021664/University of St. FrancisBSAD 276/Business Statistics3 Sem cr01/01/2017 

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