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ActivatedEdit TypeIAI CodeFED FICE/SchoolSchool No/titleCR/typeBegin DateEnd Date
P1902L - General Education Chemistry
12/19/2016AddP1902L7690/Kankakee Community CollegeCHEM 1614/Gen Chemistry I4 Sem cr08/15/2017 
M1902 - General Education Statistics
12/05/2016AddM19027694/College of Lake CountyMTH 222/Business Statistics4 Sem cr08/15/2017 
C1900 - Writing Course Sequence
12/06/2016EndC19001717/MacMurray CollegeRHET 101/College Writing3 Sem cr05/01/199801/01/2016
C1901R - Writing Course Sequence
12/06/2016EndC1901R1717/MacMurray CollegeRHET 102/Writing and Research3 Sem cr05/01/200001/01/2016
C2900 - Oral Communication
12/06/2016EndC29001717/MacMurray CollegeRHET 103/Public Speaking3 Sem cr05/01/199801/01/2016
F1900 - Music Appreciation
12/13/2016ChangeF190020744/Frontier Community College (IECC)MUS 1101/Music Appreciation => MUS 1101/Music Appreciation3 Sem cr05/01/1998 
12/06/2016EndF19001717/MacMurray CollegeMUS 221/Music Masterworks3 Sem cr05/01/199801/01/2016
H1900 - Foreign Language IV
12/15/2016ChangeH19001638/Black Hawk CollegeSPAN 202/Intermediate Spanish II => SPAN 202/Intermediate Spanish4 Sem cr05/01/1998 
12/15/2016ChangeH19001638/Black Hawk CollegeSPAN 253/Advanced Spanish I => SPAN 253/Advanced Spanish3 Sem cr05/01/1998 
12/15/2016ChangeH19001638/Black Hawk CollegeSPAN 254/Advanced Spanish II => SPAN 254/Advanced Spanish3 Sem cr05/01/1998 
L1903L - Microbes and Society
12/15/2016EndL1903L1638/Black Hawk CollegeBIOL 135/Evolution of Microbes and Humans3 Sem cr01/01/201301/01/2017
P1904L - General Education Organic Chemistry
12/15/2016EndP1904L1638/Black Hawk CollegeCHEM 111/Principles of Organo-Bio-Chem4 Sem cr05/01/199801/01/2012
S5904 - International Relations
12/19/2016EndS59047690/Kankakee Community CollegePLSC 2613/Introduction to International Relations3 Sem cr08/15/200501/01/2017
S7902 - Marriage and Family
12/15/2016DeleteS79021638/Black Hawk CollegeSOC 251/Sociology of Families3 Sem cr08/15/2015 

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