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ActivatedEdit TypeIAI CodeFED FICE/SchoolSchool No/titleCR/typeBegin DateEnd Date
CS912 - Computer Science II
11/13/2017AddCS9121640/Prairie State CollegeITPRG 247/Java Programming II3 Sem cr08/01/2017 
11/13/2017AddCS9121705/Illinois Valley Community CollegeCSI 2011/Computer Science II4 Sem cr11/13/2017 
CHM914 - Organic Chemistry II
11/13/2017AddCHM9141769/South Suburban CollegeCHEM 204/Organic Chemistry II5 Sem cr08/01/2017 
ART907 - Two-dimensional Design
11/10/2017AddART9071710/Loyola University ChicagoACFNA 112/Foundation Studio: 2D Desgin3 Sem cr08/01/2017 
MTH903 - Calculus III
11/08/2017AddMTH9031775/University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignMATH 241/Calculus III4 Sem cr08/15/2017 
PHY911 - Calculus-based Physics I - Mechanics
11/06/2017AddPHY9111675/Elgin Community CollegePHY 211/Engineering Physics I5 Sem cr08/15/2017 
PHY912 - Calculus-based Physics II - Electricity and Magnetism
11/06/2017AddPHY9121681/Highland Community CollegePHYS 144/General Physics II5 Sem cr08/15/2017 
CS911 - Computer Science I
11/29/2017EndCS9111705/Illinois Valley Community CollegeCSI 1011 and 1012/Intro. to Prog.& Logic and Object Oriented Prog.4 Sem cr08/15/201108/15/2017
11/13/2017ChangeCS9111681/Highland Community CollegeINFT 190/Principles of Computer Science I => INFT 190/Principles of Computer Science I3 Sem cr08/01/2017 => 08/15/1999 
CS912 - Computer Science II
11/13/2017EndCS9121705/Illinois Valley Community Collegecsi 2011/data structures and algoithms4 Sem cr08/15/201111/13/2017
EGR941 - Engineering Design Graphics/CAD
11/20/2017ChangeEGR9411775/University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignGE 101/Engineering Graphics & Design => GE 101/Engineering Graphics & Design3 Sem cr08/15/2004 
11/20/2017DeleteEGR9411775/University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignGE 101/Engineering Graphics & Design3 Sem cr04/02/2015 
EGR945 - Strength of Material/Mechanics of Solids
11/20/2017EndEGR9451638/Black Hawk CollegeGE 205/Elem Mechanics of Deformable Bodies3 Sem cr08/15/199801/01/2017
MC919 - Basic News Writing
11/17/2017EndMC9191747/Rock Valley CollegeJRN 122/Newswriting3 Sem cr05/01/199901/01/2018
MC920 - Basic News Editing
11/10/2017EndMC9207118/Parkland CollegeCOM 107/Basic News Editing3 Sem cr05/01/199901/01/2017
MC923 - Introduction to Web Site Development
11/10/2017EndMC9237118/Parkland CollegeCSC 121/Web Site Design and Development3 Sem cr01/01/200401/01/2017
11/08/2017EndMC9237118/Parkland CollegeCSC 121/Web Site Design and Development3 Sem cr01/01/200401/01/2018
PHY912 - Calculus-based Physics II - Electricity and Magnetism
11/06/2017ChangePHY9121675/Elgin Community CollegePHY 212/Engineering Physics II => PHY 212/Engineering Physics II5 Sem cr08/15/2017 => 08/01/2017 

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